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12 Best ChatStep Alternatives of 2020

ChatStep was mainly used for online meetings with clients, chatting, and other purposes. Here, we made a list of best ChatStep alternatives of 2020:

What is ChatStep?

ChatStep is a website that allows users to create an online chatroom where they can also join other chat groups or chatrooms. Here, users can chat with a nickname or anonymously. You do not need to have an account to use the ChatStep website, but if you like, you can make an account for sharing photos and using personal messenger. The site is now being made into a chat-step app for Android and iOS devices.

Update: Chatstep website no longer exists.

What happened to ChatStep?

The ChatStep used to enjoy as a successful leader in the chatroom market with convenient features for a substantial time. But some users believe that new social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter might have somewhat dampened the ChatStep’s old and classy chatroom-style charm off the users. On the brighter side, several ChatStep like platforms options are worth giving a try.

Top 12 Best ChatStep Alternatives 2020:

1. Zobe

If you like to talk with strangers, then Zobe is your right choice as ChatStep Alternatives! Zobe not only offers easy and handy tools for your chatrooms, but it also provides a broad user base for you to indulge and meet new personalities.

Using Zobe doesn’t need any user registration, you can use every feature of it without having to register on the platform. However, one thing you are required to do is choose a unique nickname for yourself and stay completely anonymous!

2. E-Chat

If you are more interested in chat sites like chat step that includes only chat options while allowing you full privacy to stay anonymous, then, E-Chat is the best pick for you! There is a room where you can independently communicate with your best friends. E-Chat provides a trustworthy space, so you don’t need to feel concerned about someone peeping into your messages!

3. Chatzy

Though many users prefer various ChatStep alternatives that is none apart from the Chatzy app, it provides excellent chat features that too free of cost and ad-free services to its users. ChatZy has a simple application and can run on the majority of internet browsers without any issues. It also provides you with several options like virtual rooms, public rooms, and my rooms.

4. Mesh (Bit Chat Successor)

When it comes to most private and secured chat rooms platforms, Mesh is a trusted name you want to go for. It has emerged as one of the most trusted ChatStep alternatives in 2020. Mesh not only attributes for its complete anonymity but also for its encrypted chat messages, which in terms helps to reduce users’ chat messages. Mesh functions on a Point to Point (P2P) connection, which makes it very difficult for other users apart from the receiver to decrypt the messages. Moreover, all your secret chat conversations stay safe with Mesh.

6. Shockrooms

Are you bored with text chatting with people online in the chatrooms? Here I’ve some excellent news for you, Shockrooms app will assist you to see the person you are chatting within the chatroom! The video chatting feature is getting more and more popular. ShockRooms is also free to use and has a user-friendly interface design, which means you won’t get any issues when using it on your smart devices.

7. Omegle

Everyone knows about Omegle, and Omegle is the best alternative for ChatStep in 2020. It allows complete anonymity to its users but also lets you choose between different chat options. You can also go for traditional text chat and can also use its video call feature for absolutely free. Omegle is ideal for video calls and chatting.

8. Chat IW

Chat IW is just another excellent ChatStep alternative for singles because it is specially designed to meet new and exciting people around the globe. As you signup on the page, you’ll be added to some of the groups near you. And you can then start conversations with the users. Chat IW serves as a great alternative to ChatStep in 2020.

9. Cyph

Cyph is yet another best alternative to the ChatStep platform, allows instant messaging (IM) with your friends and family, and offers a secure environment. The option to ChatStep, Cyph, doesn’t require users to register or log in, making your anonymous. Moreover, Cyph has encrypted cloud storage that lets user sync all their chats and log files over the cloud. Interestingly it has very easy to navigate interface and is compatible with almost every smartphone.

10. ZChat

ZChat allows you to collaborate with people of your type. Moreover, ZChat has dedicated customer support and are always ready to help. ZChat provides different users with their very own database to help them stay protected with any online spam and abuses while using their website. The most recent update of the ZChat app works on several new devices, and that’s how it made it into our 12 Best ChatStep Alternatives list in 2020.

11. ChatSecure

ChatSecure tops among the list of ChatStep alternatives in 2020, as it is free chatting platforms that provide a maximum level of security and privacy to its users. This ChatStep alternative is one of the most valued chatting application in the electronic era as it triumphs over OTR encryption over XMPP. Recently ChatSecure has started rolling in users with their google accounts; with Google accounts, users can even join existing chatrooms along with newly searched rooms.

12. Pidgin-Encryption

Pidgin-Encryption is one of those chatting platforms that is known for providing transparent encryption to all the messages as well as images through its platforms. It deploys RSA encryption for performing multiple operations on its platforms, such as conversing and conversations over the RSA encryption.

The Pidgin-Encryption creates private and public keys in a pair and is transferred over to the recipient with all the key from 512 –  4096 bit.

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So these were the 12 best ChatStep Alternatives in 2020. And if we forgot to mention any other alternatives to ChatStep platforms, do ping us in the comment section below.

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