List of 8 Best iPhone Tethering Apps to Try

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Tethering means the transfer or sharing of data (internet) with other devices. There are several applications that help you in doing that, those apps are known as tethering apps. Here is a vast list of the Best iPhone Tethering apps that you can use for your iPhones.

8 Best iPhone Tethering Apps

There are a lot of iPhone tethering apps (or in simple language, free hotspot apps for iPhone) that you can use for your iPhone.

1. iTether

itether app

It is one of the best iPhone tethering apps that you can use for your iPhone. Using this app you can tether your cellular data anywhere. The iTether app helps your laptop or desktop to get internet access by using your phone’s web connection. And, there is no need for jailbreaking with this app. So, it is a free iPhone tethering app without jailbreak. Also, it’s available

2. TetherME

It is a famous cost-effective iPhone tethering app available to use. As already mentioned this app is not very expensive, it costs around $5. TetherME provides a great performance that justifies its price. This app is functional, useable, and stable. Its user interface is also very simple to use.

3. PDANet


It is a WiFi tethering app for iPhone and also it’s one of the famous tethering apps for iPhone. Using PDANet you can share your cellular data with other devices like PC, and many others. This app provides internet to your desktop, or laptop using your phone’s internet.

Tp-Link Tether

It is one of the best iPhone tethering apps available in the market. Actually, it’s available for both Android and iOS, so you can also use it on Android. It features excellent features like parental controls, a smooth user interface, a fast setup, and many others. TP-Link Tether is very easy to understand and use.

5. MyWi WiFi Tethering

As the name suggests, it’s a WIFI tethering app for iPhone that works great. It is very easy and handy to use which helps you to share your cellular data with other devices. This WiFi tethering app is very easy to use and works fine on iPhones.

6. Telus My WiFi

It is one of the most famous iPhone tethering apps for iPhone users. Telus My WiFi comes with a lot of interesting features which make the app more useful. It features USB mode, Bluetooth mode, and WiFi mode, so it is very functional. The only issue with this app is that your tethering activity is not hidden while using this app. If this is not a major issue for you, then you can use this app, otherwise, several other options are also mentioned here.

7. iPhoneModem

It is a very simple WiFi hotspot app for iPhone users. The iPhoneModem app is a very secure and fast application for sharing cellular data. It is compatible with most of the iOS versions and works fine on almost every iPhone. The interface of this app is very simple and very easy to use. Like other iPhone tethering apps mentioned in this list, it offers fast cellular data sharing with other iOS devices.

8. MyWifi iPhone

MyWifi iPhone is yet another one of the best apps for sharing the internet via a lightning cable that too without having to root your iPhone.

All you need to make sure is your phone is connected to a WiFi network, and then set a password for USB tethering using the network configuration.

Once done, head over to your computer’s network settings and select your iPhone from the list of networks. Enter the password and you are good to go.

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In this article, I have mentioned some of the best iPhone tethering apps available in the market. Every app works differently, so see proper dedicated tutorials before using these apps. I hope this article will fulfill all your needs regarding iPhone tethering apps.


What are tethering apps?

Tethering apps are those apps that help you to convert your smartphone into a portable modem. In simple words, with the help of tethering apps, any other device can link or connect to your device for an internet connection.

Which is the best iPhone tethering app?

PDANet, TP-Link tether, and all other apps mentioned in this list are the best tethering app for iPhone.

Are iPhone tethering apps safe?

Yes, most tethering apps are safe to use. But, there might be some apps that are not that safe, so, before using any tethering app check its reviews.

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