Scrivener Alternatives that you should consider in 2021: Here’s Why?

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If you are full-time writer or a student who loves to write essays, thesis or dissertations, then you might have heard of or used Scrivener. Scrivener used to be very good writing app no matter you search for scrivener alternatives but you won’t find such professional application.

However, there are lots of alternatives to Scrivener that are better than Scrivener. In this article, you will find comparisons between 7 Scrivener alternatives both paid and free, to help you speed up your writing by automatically correcting grammatical mistakes and checking your writing style.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener was one of the most used writing tools specially developed for writers such as novelists, lawyers, screenwriters as well as students.

Scrivener: Pros

    • Scrivener offers 12 inbuilt templates.
    • It offers storyboard and organizational content features.
    • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
    • Best and advanced proofreading and writing tools.
    • It offers 30-days free trials (Check Terms & Conditions for more details).
    • Existing Scrivener 3 customers can get a 45% discount and New customers can purchase it for $49.

Scrivener: Cons

    • Limitations while sharing the file.
    • Not for beginners.
    • It doesn’t have support for the Grammarly tool as several users rely on proofreading.
    • Compatibility issue between Windows and Mac.

So, keeping all these issues and reviews, I have curated a list of the 7 best Scrivener free and paid alternatives. Go through the programs like scrivener based on reviews and see if it fulfils your writing requirements.

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List of 7 Best Scrivener Alternatives for Windows, Android and Mac


After Grammarly, ProWritingAid is 2nd best grammar checker which also checks your writing style. This is why it deserves a 1st position in the list of alternatives for Scrivener in 2021. Read below to know why ProWritingAid is in the first number.

ProWritingAid Features:

    • Best-in-class grammar and writing style suggestion and checking tool that enhances your writing.
    • Get suggestions to input videos, images, articles and to put a cherry on top also suggests different quizzes to make your content interactive.
    • Reasonable subscription charges
    • It strictly follows GDPR privacy controls.
    • The free version also available.

ProWritingAid Price:

You pay $66/year for the ProWritingAidPremium+ plan which offers 50 plagiarism checks per year. There’s a one-time payment of $199.50 for lifetime access.


Manuskript is yet another open-source free scrivener software alternative. Unlike other word processing software, it allows you to organize your task and keep them sorted.

Manuskript Features:

    • Distraction-free writing mode.
    • You get your personal novel assistant just like Grammary has it.
    • It helps you keep tracks of your notes, plots and every character in your story.
    • Available for Windows, Android ans Mac.

Manuskript Price:

Manuskript is absolutely best and Scrivener free alternative. If you like you can donate money to its developer for this amazing open-source tool.

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Quoll Writer

Quoll Writer is another free alternative to Scrivener. It is best suited for screenwriters as well as authors. Quoll Writer offers numerous features with a clean and minimalistic interface.

Quoll Writer Features:

    • Quoll Writer is free and open-source alternative to Scrivener.
    • You have different options like linking and adding descriptions for each chapter and also allows you to record goals.
    • For long stories writers it also provides tabbed interface which allows you to keep track of characters in your stories.
    • One tap sharing across different apps and devices.
    • It has different features to detect errors and grammatical issues.

Quoll Writer Price:

Quoll Writer is open-source and is the free alternative to Scrivener.


Looking for simple and clean writing programs like scrivener? Then you should give a try to Bibisco, the best novel writing assistant/ software with rich features.

Bibisco Features:

    • Easily sort pages and scenes into chapters.
    • Just like Manuskript, Bibisco also offers distraction-free mode.
    • Review and analyze your characters and plots in your writing.
    • Quickly share your novels by exporting them in pdf, doc or epub format.
    • Multi-languages support – Russian, Brazil, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Bibisco Price:

You get two option for bibisco, one is a community version that is free and you get the Supporters edition that is paid.

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Google Docs

If you like to use cloud-based scrivener online alternative then you can opt for Google Docs. It is available for all devices which has access to the internet. Google docs services is a part of Google apps which is the best word editor you can find online with voice typing support and auto proofreading.

Google Docs Features:

    • Easily tag someone by just using their emails
    • Automatically saves your document.
    • Assign task to someone in your organization.
    • Give access to the users just by one tap.
    • Only Available for those who have Gmail account.

Google Docs Price:

Google docs is free to download from Google PlayStore or App Store. Simply login into your account and enjoy the powerful word editor.

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is another alternative to Scrivener that has support for Desktop as well as Mobile devices. Create unique documents using prebuilt templates.

Zoho Writer Features:

    • Easily Collaborate with your teammates.
    • Easy to use UI with minimalistic content.
    • Option to enable Night mode and Focus mode for zero distraction moment while writing a piece.
    • Zia, an AI-driven writing assistant to help you with your novel or books.
    • Option to share and publish online using WordPress blog.

Zoho Writer Price:

I assume Zoho writer is a free Scrivener alternatives because the price is not mentioned on the official website.

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Final Draft

Final Draft works similarly like the Scrivener but it is designed for professional screenwriters as well as filmmakers despite being a scrivener open source alternative, it is packed with the note-taking process and research options.

Final Draft Features:

    • Easy to use for professionals, full-time bloggers, students and teachers.
    • Mobile version can be used on iPhone and iPad.
    • Automate your writing by translating your contents into industry-standard scripts.
    • 50% off for educational purposes.
    • Support for Windows 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra.

Final Draft Price:

Final Draft offers 30-day free trial buy at $149.99 if you are satisfied with your needs.


For any reason, you don’t want to use Scrivener then check the aforementioned list of software like scrivener (Free & Paid). If you are just looking for mobile version scrivener alternatives then you can use Quoll Writer or Manuskript. And if you are in search of something professional then check out ProWritingAid for writing. If you find these Scrivener alternatives useful share them with your friends who might need them. For any suggestions, you can comment down below.

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