How to Split Screen on Chromebook in 2021? Know Steps here!

If you are lacking in multi-tasking and wanted to efficiently work on your Chromebook device, in this article I’ll be explaining how to split screen on Chromebook using different methods.

As you all know that the Chromebook computers are handy computers with less powerful hardware when compared to traditional laptops. All though they lack hardware specifications they make up in different aspects such as speed, reliance, and unmatched productivity all because of Google Play Store integration and swift Linux support.

How to Split Screen on Chromebook

So, let us get started on how do you split your screen on a Chromebook in detail here! We have mentioned 4 easy steps on how you can easily split screen a Chromebook computer. If you are into gaming and want to play Minecraft on your Chromebook laptop, check the steps in the linked article. There are two different methods that can help you on how to split screen on Chromebook. Below are the directions on how to view a split screen on your Chromebook:

There are times when you constantly need to switch between windows and apps for working efficiently.

Method 1: Split Screens on Chromebook Using Drag and Drop feature

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This method is very easy to use all you need to do is just drag windows to one side of the screen, check the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Launch your preferred app on your Chromebook and now in the top-right corner of windows, click on the windows size reducer button.

Step 2: Drag the opened app window on either side of the screen. Now, you’ll see a vertical line in the center of the screen. Once you see a line you can now release the window to fit into half of the screen.

Step 3: Now, you can launch your second application (let say you open WhatsApp on Chromebook).

Step 4: Drag the other application (let’s say WhatsApp) on the other side and release it and it will automatically fit on the other side of the screen.

So, that is how to split screen on Chromebook using 4 simple steps. However, if you want to switch back to the default style by clicking on expand window button, available at the top-right corner on either application.

Method 2: Split-screen on Chromebook with keyboard

The very first question that you might think of how to split screen on Chromebook with keyboard, the answer is by using keyboard shortcuts i.e; Alt + [ or ]. Read below to know how you can do it in few steps.

Step 1: When you want to split your screen on Chromebook, just press Alt + [ if you want to open window on the left side of the screen, and if you want to open tab on the right side of the screen press Alt + ].

Step 2: Now, select another application that is opened in the background and it will automatically open the app on the right side.

Step 3: Once done, you will now have different apps in split-screen on Chromebook side by side.

So, this is how to split screen on Chromebook using the above command. If you face any difficulty while trying to split screen or tabs on your chromebook device, do comment below and we will definitely come up with some solution.

Method 3: Split Tabs Side by Side on your Chromebook using Extension

You can view or split tabs side by side by using Duallas Extension found in the top right corner of the address bar. Click on Duallas extension and select from the range of screen sizes and it will automatically snap the screen to the selected size.


What is the split screen shortcut on a Chromebook?

Hold Alt + left or right braces button on your keyboard to split screen on either the right or left side of the screen.

How do you view two tabs side by side on a Chromebook?

Click and hold maximize button, now Drag the window to the left or right side of the screen. Now repeat for the other windows.

How do I get rid of split screen on Chromebook?

Click View > Split Window > Remove Split to get remove split screen on Chromebook and get back to its original state.

How to Split Screen on Chromebook in 2021? Know Steps here! 1
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