10 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut, Google Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome shortcuts are a great way to improve your workflow efficiency. Moreover, if you are using a Google Chrome browser, then this article is definitely for you. Chrome has a bundle of handy short keys that lets you open bookmarks, downloads, and a new tab, of course. Apart from these shortcuts, we’re going to share the Top 10 Google Chrome Shortcuts you can use to increase productivity in your work. Also, read this article if you are struggling with the basic computer shortcut keys on windows, word, excel, or PowerPoint here.

Google Chrome Shortcuts: 10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article, I have covered shortcuts for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Linux and Windows have an identical keyboard layout, so the alternatives remain the same for both the platforms. However, Mac OS has Lil bit different keyboard layout command (Cmd) in place of control (Ctrl) key.

Hey, do you have a problem with specific websites opening new tabs on browser? Read detailed steps on how to do it yourself.

1. Manage Tabs and Windows using Google Chrome Shortcuts

Sometimes we mistakenly close a relevant tab and have no idea about recovering it back. Well, in such cases, you can use Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen the closed tab.

    • Open a new tab – Ctrl+T
    • Open a new window – Ctrl+N
    • Close current tab – Ctrl+W
    • Reopen Closed Tab – Ctrl+Shift+T
    • Close current window – Ctrl+Shift+W
    • Open Incognito Window – Ctrl+Shift+N
    • Switch chrome tabs – Ctrl+Tab
    • Switch chrome tabs on Mac – Cmd+Option+Right or Left arrow
    • Open link in a new tab – Ctrl+Click
    • Open link in a new window – Shift+Click

For details keyboard shortcuts list you can check google’s official support site.

2. Google Chrome Website Shortcuts

Ever wanted to refresh a page without using the mouse? Well, you can do it with Ctrl+R, which refreshes the website. Although, there are more helpful keyboard shortcuts too, which we’ve listed below.

    • Go Back – Alt+Left arrow
    • Go forward – Alt+Right arrow
    • Move back on Mac –  Cmd+[
    • Move forward on Mac – Cmd+]
    • Save the page – Ctrl+S
    • Print the page – Ctrl+P
    • Refresh the page – Ctrl+R
    • Refresh the Page Without Cached Data – Ctrl+Shift+R
    • Zoom in the page – Ctrl+Plus key
    • Zoom out the page – Ctrl+Minus key
    • Search the page – Ctrl+F

3. Google Chrome Functions Keyboard Shortcuts

Here, you’ll find the more useful google chrome shortcuts for opening bookmarks, downloads, history, etc.

    • Open History – Ctrl+H
    • On Mac – Cmd+Y
    • Open Downloads Folder – Ctrl+J
    • Open Downloads Folder on Mac – Cmd+Shift+J
    • Bookmark current page – Ctrl+D
    • Chrome Task Manager – Shift+Esc
  • Jump to the Address bar – F6 or Ctrl+L

4. Switch between Chrome Users

By using the Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut, you can easily change the user without using the mouse.

5. Google Search from Anywhere

Press Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K, and you’re ready to search for queries.
Note – Some web applications use Ctrl+K short keys for adding links. In those cases, use the Ctrl+E shortcut.

6. Paste Without Formats

This is a handy shortcut feature if you copy any content from the internet, and it keeps you wondering about the formatting style. Well, I’ve got you covered, press Ctrl+Shift+V and you’re done.

7. Delete Browsing history

Press Ctrl+Shift+Del button, and you’ll be presented with a “clear browsing data” window with other functions. Click on clear data to clean the browsing history.

8. Scroll Webpage Horizontally

Just press and hold the “shift” button and scroll the mouse wheel or drag your finger across the touchpad. The site will start scrolling horizontally.

9. Open Menu and Settings

To open Menu, press Alt+E  and then press the “S” key to open the settings window.

Note This shortcut won’t work on Mac.

10. Add “.com” and “www” to a site name in Address Bar

Well, If you are lazy too to type the whole URL, well, then chrome has something to offer you. All you got to do is type a website name in the address bar and press the Ctrl+Enter button and you are done. It will directly open the website you are searching for.

For example, if you type in techycoder and press Ctrl+Enter, Chrome will directly open https://techycoder.com/.

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Use Google Chrome Shortcuts to increase your productivity

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts are very handy for chrome and any other application you work on. I hope you liked the Google Chrome best Keyboard Shortcuts, that were mentioned above. And if so, Do let us know in the comment section below.

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