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How To Disable Google Play Services App

As you all know, Google Play Services is one such app that is required to update several Google apps like Google Chrome, Google Drive, and more. Play Services help you connect everything on your device. Sometimes users have reported that Google Play Services uses a lot of space on their android device. And they look for different ways on How to Disable Google Play Services from their smartphone.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through What is Google Play Services? & How to Disable Google Play Services on Android devices?

If you are not familiar with its working and usage on your mobile devices, some of you might think of Google Play Services as a bloatware app. You can read this detailed article to uninstall bloatware app without having to root your android smartphone.

Here’s a quick Video Guide on How to Disable Google Play Services App on your smartphone.

What is Google Play Services

Google Play Services is all in one software that connects all Google Services installed on an android device. It always runs in the background & usually manages each and every function like Push Notifications, allowing location usage permission to certain apps, and other daily stuff. It is a part of Google Mobile Services (GMS) similar to the Mobile Services Manager App in some android devices.

All in all, you can’t use Google Play Store app if your device doesn’t have Play Services installed and updated. So you might have questions like do I need google play services? Should I uninstall it? Or Uninstalling google play services would do bad for your smartphone?

Google Play Services Google Play Store Page, Disable Google Play Services
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Now, Without further ado, let’s get started with the two simple methods to easily remove google services from your device.

How to Disable Google Play Services

This one is a tricky method because there are chances when your smartphone doesn’t let you disable google play services by just greying out disable option. Here’s how you can disable it.

Disable Google Play Services

    • Launch Settings app on your device.
    • Head over to Apps & notifications.
    • Look for Google Play Services and then Tap on Disable button and follow on-screen prompts.

Disable Google Play Services
Disable App Prompt on How to Disable Google Play Services

So this how to disable google play services app if disable button is not greyed out in the settings app.

Note: There are chances Disable button might be greyed out on our device. In this case, what you can do is limit Google Play Services app to prevent using battery usage. Also, it might turn off google play store too.

Limit Google Play Services App

    • Go to Settings, and head over to Apps & notifications.
    • Click on the Google Play Services app.
    • Now, You can tap on the Permissions option
    • Finally, Deny all the permissions you don’t want Play Services to use.

So, what we are doing is removing permissions from Google Play Services to stop it from using several services in the background.


Why can’t I disable Google Play services?

If you are not able to disable Google Play Services and find Disable button is disabled in the settings app then you need to follow these steps below:

  • Head over to Settings, Now click on Security.
  • Click on the Device administrators option.
  • Finally, Click on Disable Android Device Manager.

What happens if I disable Google Play services?

Uninstalling/ Disabling Google Play Services won’t do much to your android device. You will still be able to send messages, make phone calls, and also take pictures. However, if any of the programs don’t work then you can enable it again. To run smoothly, the android operating system doesn’t require Google Play Services.

How do I stop Google Play services from running in the background?

In order to stop Google Services from running in the background all you need to do is  follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then head over to Connections.
  • After that click on Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage
  • Select Google Play Services and Toggle Allow background data usage Off.


So, this is how to disable google play services from any android devices running on any Android OS version. If you have any doubt related to disabling google services you can comment your thought below.


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