How to Compress PDF Online and Offline

How to Compress PDF Online, Compress PDF Online

If you want to know about the online and offline compression techniques to reduce or compress pdf online file sizes, then you have landed in the right spot. In this three-minute content, we are going to list out the top online tools that are based on cloud service and also the ones that can be installed on your device, and you can use them offline.

Compress PDF Online and Online

Manual compress pdf online is not possible and is considered to be a very difficult and time taking process. The tools discussed below are going to save you a lot of time and would provide you with great ease in compression even if it’s your first time! Moreover, the files are automatically deleted from our server.

PDF Compressor tool by Duplichecker

The first online tool on our list today is offered by Duplichecker, a very well-known site offering more than dozens of free tools and services for search engine optimization. The pdf compressor by Duplichecker is free and one of the most reliable tools to reduce pdf file size online. The working process of this online pdf reducer is quite easy, and this is mainly because of the simple & understandable interface.

To compress pdf, open this free pdf compressor on your device and click on the ‘upload’ button to drag files from your local storage space as well as from cloud sources like Google drive. After completing the input, you have to click on the button that says ‘Compress Pdf’. This tool hardly takes ten seconds to reduce the pdf size of the file and present you with a new one for downloading. The quality of the pdf file is not compromised, so you do not have to worry about it.

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Adobe PDF compressor

Adobe is no doubt one of the popular platforms for creating and manipulating pdf files. Adobe is not just a single tool platform, but you must know that you can find more than dozens of free and paid services on Adobe. This Adobe PDF compressor tool working is very simple, just drag and drop your pdf file and your good to go. The PDF compressor tool offered by Adobe is considered to be the best example in this regard. Today you can not only read files with Adobe, but you can also edit them and compress them to your desired size.

Adobe pdf compressor can bring large pdf files to their knees in less than three to five seconds. The process is quite effortless, and this is the reason it is also known as the most efficient tool in this league. You must know that you can also install Adobe on your device and can use its app version to compress pdf files. You don’t need any knowledge to run this tool to compress pdf documents; this is the best program for a layman!


Pdf2Go is a tool that lets you compress pdf online and an editing tool that has a bunch of other reliable features. You should be aware of the compression tool offered by this resource. The pdf compressor tool by this program is one of the most professional ones that you can find online. With this utility, you would get not only one but three different compressing options. You have to drag and drop the large pdf files in the online or the offline version of the tool and after inputting you have to select the quality of compression.

The first option is of the basic compression in which the file is compressed to medium size, and the high quality is kept intact, the second method is more strong than the basin, and subsequently, the third one is even more powerful. The quality of the file, however, would be compromised in the other two options. An important option of this tool is that it can help you compress pdf file that is available online by just using its URL!

PDF compressor

This is another tool that helps you Compress pdf online compression tool that can be used online and can also be installed on your device in application format to reduce the size of PDF. This is a very powerful compressor tool with a lot of amazing features. You need basic information about running computer apps to run this utility. The working process is simple as soup; you have to enter the pdf files in the input section and click on the ‘compress’ button after selecting the quality!

One of the most important features offered by this compress pdf online tool is that it can easily help you in compressing more than one file in one go. Yes! You can enjoy batch compression of pdf files in less than a few seconds with this program. The tool can cater up to 20 large pdf files in one go which is no doubt a huge number to compress. Not only you can compress pdf files, but you can also merge them, split them, and even convert them to other formats for free!

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