How to Make the Most of Your iPad Space with Storage Cleaner Tools

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iPads like other devices such as Windows PCs and Android phones support multiple functions including data storage. While iPads are built with generous storage spaces, you may have a more elaborate demand for storage that may demand for more space on your device.

Upgrading your iPad storage can be more expensive though. Regardless of this, you can still regain more storage space from your gadget without having to incur additional costs.

Begin by assessing how much storage space you still have left on your iPad. You can do this by visiting the settings app then navigating to “General” then hitting “iPad Storage.” In a short while, you should be able to see a visual display of the amount of space left on your device. This report also shows which apps are taking up what amount of space.

Using this report, you have a place to begin, especially if you want to begin freeing up more space by emptying apps that consume most of your memory. You can review some of the top tools for clearing iPad storage here. Or read on to find out some of the easiest ways to free up iPad storage space.

Steps for Clearing More Space on iPad

Method 1: Delete Apps and Data taking up Most Space

Like we said already, freeing up iPad space begins with the assessment of available storage and understanding what amount of space apps are taking up. Review all the apps with the amount of data they contain and begin by freeing space from the largest consumers.

To see more details about an app, tap it. This should provide more information through the app content page showing all its data. Follow the steps below to free more space.

  • Hit the “Delete App” button to empty everything from your device. By removing both app and data, you will regain control of most of your space. Unfortunately, you will lose your app data in this process.
  • Click the “Offload App” button if you only intend to remove the app but spare its data. This will only help with reclaiming a small space as most space is usually taken up by the data and not the app itself.

To avoid losing crucial data, you can begin by creating backups somewhere else such as the cloud or external hard drive.

Method 2: Clear Safari Browser Cache

Generally, browsers accumulate temporary data over time. Safari browser does just the same with cookies among other browsing data remaining available over time. These types of data will take up a considerable amount of space and you will need to free it up to gain more space. Below is how to carry on with this process:

  • Open iPad and go to settings before opening Safari
  • Scroll and hit the “Clear History and Website Data” icon

The steps above will clear all your browsing data and clean iPad storage. This will eventually allow your device to run more smoothly.

Method 3: Clear the Downloads Folder

Downloads are the other culprit when it comes to iPad storage consumption. If you use the internet frequently and download files, and other forms of media to your device, it can be a good idea to check for accumulated junk. Follow the steps below to efficiently clean iPad storage for more space. This should be easy and straightforward.

  • Begin by unlocking your iPad and the Files app
  • Hit the Browser tab then tap the iCloud drive
  • Hit the Downloads folder open and check for the available downloads
  • Select the download files that you do not need to free up more space

If the files were downloaded from Safari, then you can follow the steps below to free up space:

  • Tap on the “Page Settings” button and choose the “Downloads” button
  • Review the list of files downloaded from Safari
  • Select and delete any files and folders that you do not need

If your iPad keeps showing signs of slowed performance, you can repeat these steps on a regular basis to clear unwanted downloads from your memory space. This practice will also keep your device in good health while enhancing its performance speed.

Method 4: Delete unwanted Music from the Memory

Music and videos can occupy large storage spaces. If you have downloaded music files, then you might have cleared them in the method above. However, if you get music through the various sharing channels, then you will need to delete them by following the steps below:

  • Go to settings and tap “General” followed by “iPad Storage”
  • Locate the music app in the list presented then click on it

Once you tap on the music app, you can either delete the entire artist by swiping left on any of them. You can then hit the “Delete” button to complete the process and free up more space.

The other way to free up more space is by deleting specific songs. You can do this by clicking on specific artists to expose the full list of available albums. Swiping the album or song you do not need and hitting “Delete” will then remove them from the iPad’s memory.

Finally, the last available option is to clear everything from the music app. Deleting all songs is a great way to free up a large storage space and give your device a reprieve to return to its best state of performance.

Method 5: Clean Your Photo Album

More often than not, photos and videos have been known to take up large storage spaces on camera-enabled devices. A significant fraction of your iPad’s storage could be taken up already by photos. You may want to clear duplicates, and unwanted files, or even clear the whole gallery. You can free up this space by following the steps below.

  • Begin by opening the Photos app and hitting the “Albums” button at the bottom of it
  • Scroll to the “Utilities” section and click on the “Duplicates” icon
  • Inspect the list of duplicates shown then tap “Merge” to remove them
  • Hit “Merge” on the pop-up window to confirm this action


Managing iPad storage and making the most of your device with some of the in-built storage cleaner tools seems easy. Make it a routine to free iPad storage even with some of the best iPad storage cleaners to optimize the performance of your device at all times.

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