How to Share your Contact on iPhone Quickly?

how to share your contact on iPhone

Now save your time by quickly sharing your contact details (contact card) with someone on the go. In this iPhone guide, you’ll learn the quickest way of sharing your contact information on your iPhone and save yourself from the hassle of typing in the contact number.

How to Share your Contact on iPhone Quickly?

You might have been in a situation where you have to remember the number and then type in the messaging app. However, taking a screenshot of the contact details might be an easier option if you were supposed to send it over WhatsApp/ Facebook or any other social media app. But you can do it quickly by just a tap here and there in the contacts app and the contact detail is shared.

Here is how to share your contact on iPhone using the contacts app:

  1. Go to Contacts first.
  2. Select the contact you wish to share.
  3. Select Share Contact from the option below.
  4. Choose from different sharing methods, like email or text message.
  5. Select a receiver and tap Send.
    select receiver and tap send

Pro Tip: You can delete multiple contacts on your iPhone at once using this trick.

Now, you know how to send a contact card using the contacts app on your iPhone! It’s never been so simple to send iPhone contacts to others.

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