Computer Shortcut Keys: Windows, Word, and Excel Shortcuts

computer shortcut keys
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Shortcut keys make exploring and performing commands in computer software easier and more efficient. Computer Shortcut keys are performed using the Alt key on Computers/ Command keys on Apple computers/Ctrl/ Shift key combination with another key, as required.

For example, “Ctrl+S” advises the user to press and hold the Ctrl key while simultaneously pressing the S key.

As you become more familiar with shortcut keys, you’ll see that many applications share similarities. As shortcut keys are an integral aspect of computer knowledge, this article includes a list of basic shortcuts, as well as shortcuts for Windows, Word, Excel, and OUTLOOK.

Basic Computer Shortcuts Keys to Begin With

ShortcutsWhat this Shortcut does
Alt + FOpens current program’s file menu options
Alt + EEdits the current program’s options
F1Universal help (for any application)
Ctrl + AAll text is selected
Ctrl + XCuts the selected item
Ctrl + DelCut selected item
Ctrl + CCopy the item you’ve chosen
Ctrl + InsAlso, copies the item you’ve chosen
Ctrl + VPaste the selected item
Shift + InsAlso, pastes the selected item
HomeReturns the user to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl + HomeReturn to the start of the document
EndTakes the user to the end of the current line
Ctrl + EndGo to the very last page of a document
Shift + HomeHighlights from the current position to the beginning of the line
Shift + EndHighlight from the current position to end of the line
Ctrl + (Left arrow)Shift one term to the right (One at a time)
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Shift one term to the left (One at a time)

Computer Shortcut Keys For Microsoft Windows

ShortcutsWhat this Shortcut does
Alt + TabSwitch forward between open applications
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch backward between open applications
Alt + Print ScreenTake a Full screenshot of the program
Ctrl + Alt + DelReboot or Launch Windows task manager
Ctrl + EscOpen the start menu
Alt + EscSwitch applications on the taskbar
F2Rename selected file or folder
F3Open Find box
F4When browsing, expand the drive selection
F5Reload/ Refresh the document or page
Alt + F4Close the current program
Ctrl + F4Close a window in the program
Ctrl + Plus KeySet the widths of all columns in Windows Explorer automatically
Alt + EnterBring up the properties window for the currently selected program
Shift + F10Perform right-click on selected file or folder
Shift + DelPermanently delete files/folders.

Computer Shortcut Keys For MS Word

ShortcutsWhat this Shortcut does
Ctrl + BBold the highlighted text
Ctrl + CCopy the selected text
Ctrl + XCut selected text
Ctrl + NOpen new or blank document
Ctrl + OOpens a window to open a new document
Ctrl + PAccess the print dialogue box
Ctrl + FBrings up find dialogue box
Ctrl + IItalicize the selected text
Ctrl + KInsert link/ URL
Ctrl + UUnderline the selected text
Ctrl + VPaste a text/ image
Ctrl + GOpens Find and replace options
Ctrl + HOpens Find and replace options
Ctrl + JChange the paragraph alignment to Justify
Ctrl + LAlign text to the left
Ctrl + QRemove the paragraph’s formatting
Ctrl + EAlign text to the center or Justify
Ctrl + RAlign text to the right
Ctrl + MAdd paragraph Indent
Ctrl + TCreates a hanging indent
Ctrl + DOpens the font preferences dialogue box
Ctrl + Shift + FOption to change the font
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase font size by +1
Ctrl + ]Increase font size by +1
Ctrl + [Decrease font size by -1
Ctrl + Shift + *View or hide characters that are not printable
Ctrl + (Left arrow)Shift a single word to the left
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Shift a single word to the right
Ctrl + (Up arrow)Return to the start of the line or paragraph
Ctrl + (Down arrow)Go to the end of the paragraph or line
Ctrl + DelRemove the word after the cursor.
Ctrl + BackspaceRemove the word before the cursor.
Ctrl + EndMove the cursor to the document’s end.
Ctrl + HomeMove the cursor at the start of the document.
Ctrl + SpaceRemoves the formatting of each character
Ctrl + 1Insert a single-spaced line
Ctrl + 2Insert double-spaced line
Ctrl + 5Insert 1.5-line spacing
Ctrl + Alt + 1Change text to heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2Change text to heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3Change text to heading 3
Shift + F3Change select text case formatting
Shift + InsertPaste the copied text/ paragraph/ image
F4Repeat your last performed action
F7Grammar and Spelling check
Shift + F7Opens the thesaurus
F12Save as File
Ctrl + SSave a File
Shift + F12Save a File
Alt + Shift + DInsert the current date
Alt + Shift + TInsert the current time
Ctrl + WClose the current document
Ctrl+=Make the selected text a subscript.
Ctrl+Shift+=Make the selected text a superscript.

Computer Shortcut Keys For MS Excel

ShortcutsWhat this Shortcut does
F2Edits the current cell
F5Go to a specific cell number
F7Spell check
F11Create a chart for selected cell
Ctrl + Shift +;Enter the current time
Ctrl +;Enter the current date
Alt + Shift + F1Add a new worksheet
Shift + F3Open Insert function window
Shift + F5Open Find and Replace window
Ctrl + BBolds selected cell
Ctrl + IItalicize selected cell
Ctrl + DFill in the exact data from the above cell
Ctrl + KAdd a link
Ctrl + FOpen find and replace window
Ctrl + GOpen go-to window
Ctrl + HOpen find and replace window
Ctrl + UUnderline selected cell value
Ctrl + YUnderline selected text in a cell
Ctrl + 5Strikethrough selected cell value
Ctrl + OOpens a window to open a new sheet
Ctrl + NCreates a new document
Ctrl + POpens the print window
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + F9Minimize current window
Ctrl + F10Maximize current window
Ctrl + F6Switch between different workbooks/windows (open)
Ctrl + Page up & Page DownSwitch between different sheets in the same excel file
Ctrl + TabSwitch between different Excel files
Alt + =Formula to sum all of the above cells
Ctrl +Replace the value in the preceding cell with the value in the current cell
Ctrl + Shift + !Apply Comma format to the numbers
Ctrl + Shift + $Apply Currency Format to the numbers
Ctrl + Shift + #Apply Date format
Ctrl + Shift + %Apply Percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + ^Apply Scientific format
Ctrl + Shift + @Apply Time format
Ctrl + (Right arrow)Move to the end of row
Ctrl + SpaceSelects the entire column
Shift + SpaceSelects the entire row
Ctrl + WClose a document

Computer Shortcut Keys For MS Powerpoint

ShortcutsWhat this Shortcut does
EscExit the slide show
Ctrl+KAdd a hyperlink.
Ctrl+MAfter the selected slide, include a new, blank slide.
Ctrl+NCreates a new/ blank PowerPoint file
CTRL + DInsert a duplicate of the selected slides
Ctrl+Shift+>Increases the text size by +1
Ctrl+Shift+<Decreases the text size by -1
CTRL + GGroup two or more objects together
F5Start presentation from the first slide

So, we hope the above article on Computer Shortcut keys was helpful for you. So, this is it for the article on Computer Shortcut keys. Also, check out our article on the best google chrome shortcuts that will help you in quickly some of the stuff online. And if we forgot to add any keyboard shortcuts for any other applications do let us know in the comment section below.

Computer Shortcut Keys FAQs

How many shortcut keys are in the computer?

There are 199 useful shortcut keys in the computer.

How many function keys are available on a keyboard?

Traditional PC keyboards include 12 function keys, represented by the letters F1 to F12. Some PC keyboards may also include 24 function keys labeled F1 to F24.

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