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Google Maps Gets New Logo and Revamped UI on Android, iOS

Google Maps app logo is getting a logo redesign for its 15th birthday, and the new update brings lots of new features like the ability to contribute ratings and reviews. However, the redesign highlights some of the key features of apps, like saving favorite places.

Google has been around for a very long time now. Google Maps is getting a ton of features for both Android and iOS. According to Google, the new revamped app icon design will offer “everything under your fingertips with all the essential tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Updates.”

Although Explore and Commute tabs were already available on the Map application, the three new options are made available on the revamped version of the mobile logo and new google maps logo design. Here, I’ll brief you about the five tabs and what will they offer:

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Google Maps logo Revamped Design with easy to access tabs

Google Maps Logo and Revamped UI on Android, iOS

  • Explore – The Explore tab now has information about the ratings, reviews, and more for around 200 million places around the globe.
  • Commute – The Commute tab provides the most efficient route to your daily routes. And it helps you with the real-time traffic updates and suggestions and any alternative ways.
  • Saved – According to the search giant, users have saved more than 6.5 billion places on Maps. Google shares recommendations based on users, which they have been to.
  • Contribute –  With the all-new Contribute tab, Map users can easily share missing places, addresses, business reviews, and photos. “Each contribution works as a helping hand to others,” says Google.
  • Updates – The all-new Update tab provides users with trending spots, local experts, and a list of publishers. Moreover, users can also directly chat with businesses and publishers.

In addition to the above five features, Google is also adding a few more tweaks to its directions modules. Ability to check the temperature, dedicated women’s seats/ carriages on public transports. Moreover, adding features like the presence of security guards along with the new google maps logo on the mobile app.

Google Maps Gets New Logo and Revamped UI on Android, iOS, google maps logo

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Google says, to celebrate its 15th birthday of Google Maps and the addition of the new google maps logo, it will soon be introducing a party-themed car icon for users when navigating with Maps and mobile logo. So, we’ll be keeping eyes on that and let you know when the party-themed image appears.

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