Google Maps Now Shows Violent Incidents Warnings

Google Maps Now Shows Violent Incidents Warnings

The Search Engine giant (Google) is taking almost every possible steps out there to make their platform more and more useful and resourceful to its users. The Google Maps platform recently received support for showing road blockage, traffic jams. And now, the company gained support for also showing incidents alert on the go, so that you can stay safe.

A Reddit user spotted this Violent Incident feature while he was browsing around the maps. As from the image given below, you can see, Google Maps marks the location of the violent incidents on the google map.

Google maps shows violence report
It shows you a warning with the latest reported time of the information. Moreover, the warning displays a short context of the incidents. Also, the context is taken from reliable news media, like Reuters, in this case.

You can also get the latest news updates on the incidents by “See latest updates button”. The map will then take you to the Google Search results, where you will find more details about the event.

Somehow, if you’re around the incident area, you can also report the same to help fellow Google maps users to alert them about the Violent Incidents. This reporting can be done from the “Report road closure” button on Google Map itself. This feature is handy can be a lifesaving feature at times, especially if you’re new to a place.

Meanwhile, you can also check out more details about the Violent Incident feature. We currently don’t have any idea if this feature is live only in the UK or all over the world. Let us know if you find a similar warning in the comment section below, whether this feature is available in your country or not.

Source – REDDIT

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