Bullet SSD – SSD That Fits On Keychain

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Portable SSD Storage – Bullet SSD

With the attempt of thin and light laptops, upgrading the internals of our SSD laptops is next to the impossible. Most of the parts, including RAM and SSD, are joined on the motherboard and, therefore, cannot be upgraded. These thin & light laptops are wrong, as it means you are stuck with the configuration you chose while buying your computer. That’s where external SSDs can save your skin. Due to their high read and write speeds, using an external SSD doesn’t hinder your workflow. External SSDs have become even more popular as they support tablets, smartphones, cameras, game consoles, and more. The only problem is the size of SSD drives available in the market.

If the size of SSD drives is the only thing stopping you from buying one, we have an excellent product for you. Meet “Bullet SSD” – the ultimate portable external solid-state drive (a tiny SSD) that can fit on your keychain. Despite being ultra-lightweight and the size of a small thumb drive (flash drive), the Bullet SSD can store up to 2TB of data. Powered by TLC NAND, the ultimate portable SSD, Bullet SSD comes with a USB-C 3.2. That grants it read and write speeds of 550 MB/s. The high transfer speed not only makes it ideal for transferring files but also allows you to edit videos and photos directly from the drive. There’s no need to transfer the data to your computer first.

Bullet SSD, keychain ssd, ssd on keychain

The “Bullet SSD” is also built to last. It is made from a single piece of aerospace aluminum, which increases its durability. It’s also IP67 certified, so you won’t have to worry about losing your precious data when you are in the rain or accidentally drop it in water. All these features are great with this ultimate portable SSD, but the best part about Bullet SSD is that it works with everything. The kick starter USB device key chain is a tiny solid state drive, whether you want to use it with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera, it will work flawlessly and efficiently.

Bullet SSD - SSD Speed test

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Well, this is at least what its creators claim. The Bullet SSD is right now available on Kickstarter labeled as the Kickstarter USB device keychain. The product has already reached its funding goal. But, there are 51 days left in the campaign so you can still back it. You can get an early bird discount of 35% on its pricing of $149 and $249 for 1 TB and 2TB capacity models. The ultimate portable stick SSD – Bullet SSD is available in three colors (Silver, Dark Grey, and Orange). If you like the product, check it out by clicking on the link below.

Pre-order Bullet SSD Stick

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