gesturePlus App Lets You Customize Android 10 Gestures

gesturePlus, app customization, App Lets You Customize Android 10 Gestures,gesture control android

gesturePlus app customization

If you aren’t a fan of the limited gesture functionality of the Android 10 gesture system, now, you won’t have to worry; There’s a simple tweak which you can do to get more gesture options. This new app named gesturePlus available on PlayStore has got all the things baked in for your Android 10 devices.

Though several users prefer these new gesture features, others do not. However, if you are one of the latter group, then we have some good news for you. Thanks to the developer team that brought this Bixby button remapper application (called Bixby Button Remapper).

With gesturePlus, you get extra app customization options that you may have wanted in the Android 10 gesture system. And, you can gesture control android phones easily, the app lets you customize a variety of gesture options when you press/ long-press the navigation bar. By default, it is set to go back when you tap on it. Moreover, you can also define single and long-press separately from the lock screen itself.

gesturePlus, app customization, App Lets You Customize Android 10 Gestures, navigation gestures

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The android app gesturePlus gives the flexibility to choose from the gesture option, just like Android 10 gestures. You can also set Google Assistant shortcut if you tap on the navigation bar. Although, the free version of gesturePlus allows single press actions for the navigation gestures.

And that’s not the end; the pro version costs Rs. 150 and unlocks several android 10 gestures features. You will also have an option to get vibration feedback whenever the long-press gesture is triggered. And you can also toggle gesture sensitivity and long-press durations.

Enable Android 10 Gestures

To enable gesture control android device. You must have the following things. If you have a Samsung phone, you can disable the default back navigation gestures right away with the ADB commands given below.

adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.besturenavigation android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

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Check out the app from the PlayStore from the link given below and let us know if you found this article helpful in the comments.

Download gesturePlus – Gesture Navigation Tuner!

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