What Is A CQAtest App? How to Resolve it?

Wondering what is CQATest APP and how it got on your smartphone. In this article, I’ll be explaining about CQA Test Application and how you can easily get rid of it in a minute.

What is CQATest? And What does it stand for?

CQA Test stands for Certified Quality Auditor. The CQA Test app makes sure that all the time, your android device has a high-quality performance. This app is seen in Motorola devices. Smartphone manufacturers like Motorola use this Test application as a diagnostic tool for their current and upcoming smartphones. This app makes the phone run smoother, as well as better overall performance.

Unlike having to trust an app on an iPhone device, this CQATest android app should run quietly and not cause issues! Also, check out detailed steps on how to disable google play services using these 2 simple methods here!

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All in all, this CQATest application may suddenly appear on your android device out of nowhere. All it does is checks your device performance and also look for different problems. Learn about Service Marketing in depth

Furthermore, there are many other different hidden apps on your phone.

How did the CQA Test app get onto my device?

The CQATest app is a hidden app that is preinstalled on some android devices. If your android device is running smoothly without any problem, then you won’t find this in your app drawer. However, you can still locate it, in-app manager, by taping Show System Apps.

via https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Moto-Z/CQA-test-commserver-issue/td-p/4218590

What does the CQATest app do?

If the CQATest app is running on your phone means that the phone manufacture can access your device information. Keep in mind, and it does NOT include any personal information. However, some smartphone manufacturers receive data on how your android system is operating. Not only that, but they also receive that – all device applications and its functioning, with all other information too.

Smartphone manufacturers make it clear for all of their products in their Terms and Services agreement.

Apart from all that, this app is pre-installed and kept hidden in the application manager. You should immediately perform a complete system reboot if you find CQATest running in your gallery app. Much like Mobile Services Manager app hidden in your smartphone, learn how to disable the Mobile Service Manager app.

How to get rid of the CQA test App

You can disable it by going into your phone settings then go to App Manager, and then you’ll find the CQATest app and then disable it or you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Launch the “Settings” App on your device

Find an open “Settings” application on your android phone.

Step 2: Click on “Apps” section

Settings app on android, How do I get rid of CQAtest app?

Once in the settings application look for the “Apps” option.

Step 3: Now, click on three dots on the top right side and select “Show System Processes”

show system processes app on android, run cqatest
What is CQA Test App

At the top right side of your phone screen, you will find a three-dot button and then select “Show System Processes”.

Step 4: Finally, click on Force Stop CQA Test App

cqa test app force stop
Force stop CQA Test App

In Show System processes you will find the CQA test app. Click on the “force stop” button to stop the application.

Conclusion on What is CQA Test

There are certain times when a software testing app like CQATEST App behaves abnormally.

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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions. Questions that relate to doing a factory reset on your device.

How Often does the CQATest App show up?

The CQATest app will always run in the background whenever your smartphone has difficulty performing a task that you gave. However, every time your device encounters any problem, you will find the app in app drawer windows.

Is the CQA Test app harmful?

No, the app CQATest is not harmful. However, it is always meant to run in the background. However, if you find it in your app drawer, there may be something wrong with your android device.

How to use the CQATest app?

To use CQA test droid app on your device, First, you need to look for if the app is available or not? If it is not available in-app gallery, then you can access the app by typing *#*#2486#*#* using the keypad. This will open the app, and then you can test your Motorola mobile devices components.

Can I delete CQATest App?

You cannot delete or disable CQATest app until and unless you have root access as it is a quality monitoring system application that is used by the android device manufacturer. Also, know the steps on how to uninstall bloatware apps without having to root your device. Although you can disable the application by going into Settings > Apps > All Apps.

What is CQATest app on android phone?

CQATest app android is the abbreviation of Certified Quality Auditor on any android device. The app makes sure that the android or especially Motorola phone is working in an excellent working position and moreover looks over how efficiently the device is working.

Now, you know what is cqa test app on your device, how it got installed on your device, and also know the steps on how to get rid of cqatest app.

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