To celebrate April Fools Day, Reddit has relaunched its popular r/place April Fools’ Day artwork, which anybody can contribute to.

reddit relaunched r/place on april fools day
IMG Credit: TechyCoder

To celebrate April Fools Day, Reddit relaunched r/place where anyone can contribute their artwork.

The r board was launched in 2017, is a huge grid on which around 16 million tiles were placed by one million Redditors on a blank public canvas. This resulted in a collective digital art piece.

Reddit Relaunched r/place on April Fools Day

Collective digital art piece created by Redditors

In the original version, a team consisting of Josh Wardle created the Wordle internet game, which went viral recently. If you remember the infamous social experiment, the infamous Button was also created by Mr. Wardle just to see whether million of users could wait for a minute without clicking on the button.

If you are wondering how one can participate in the work, here’s how one can do it.

Participate in April Fools Day Artwork

So, to participate and contribute to this artwork, Redditors have to click on the new widget icon with the letter “P” present on the top of the screen, as shown in the image below:

Reddit relaunched r/place
IMG Credit: Reddit

You can fill the 1000 X 1000 pixel square by tapping anywhere you like on the canvas. However, if you haven’t logged into Reddit, you can only see the pixel being built, and you can’t contribute to it.

In the past, April Fool’s Day on Reddit has helped us believe in how we build new features on the site. We can’t wait to see how people work together on r/place this year and how we can improve our platform.

Note: This new April Fool will be available till April 4th at 5:00 pm GMT.

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