How to Get Notification Ticker back on Android

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Android Ticker Notification

With the new Android Lollipop OS, Google brought heads up notifications for the android devices and said goodbye to the notification tickers. The Heads-Up pop-up ticker notifications are handy for quickly pulling attention to it. Sometimes, it gets annoying while watching videos or movies as it covers a portion of your screen. To solve this problem, an app developer came with a new app, TinyNotif, that get the status bar back android and brings back the old notification style on the latest android phones with notification ticker android.

To bring back the old, classy, and super status bar on the android stock ticker notification style, you’ll need to grant permission for overlay permission and notification access permissions. Tap on the request overlay permissions and the android notification access permissions of the app to turn it on. Now, whenever you get a message, the ticker notification will come up every time.

Android Notification

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Once done with allowing permissions, to start an android ticker notification, you’ll need to disable the heads up notification to get rid of duplicate notifications. You can do that by using the ADB command, or by using DND mode, or manually disabling android notifications for every app.

I would personally recommend you to use the ADB method as it is a one-time process. Firstly, connect your phone to your PC and run the ADB command given below. This command will disable heads-up notifications in android and then you can go ahead and enable ticker notification android.

adb shell settings put global heads_up_notifications_enabled 0

In case, if you wish to revert to the heads-up notifications later, run the same command by replacing the 0 at the end by 1.

adb shell settings put global heads_up_notifications_enabled 1

You can also use the DND mode to do the same. But you’ll have to mute your phone.

This application also gives options to change your font size and scroll speed of the android stock ticker. You can also customize your phone to your preference.

Try the TinyNotif ticker text from the link given below and let us know if you find this article helpful in the comment section below.


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