iOS App Tells You if Your iPhone Gets Hacked

iOS appiOS is considered one of the safe and secure operating systems. If you’re worried about being hacked, iVerify is an iOS app that you probably want to check out for iPhone or iPads.

A cybersecurity firm, Trail of Bits, developed an iOS app called iVerify. The developers of this ios app claim that iVerify is capable of detecting hacks. It checks your iPhone’s security if it had been compromised and provides measures to help you prevent it.

iVerify also detects side effects or abnormal behavior of iPhones caused by unauthenticated access or jailbreaks. “Jailbreak detection using side channels to figure out any information outside of the sandbox. This is like sending smoke signals out, and you’re looking at the clouds through a tiny little window where you’ve been locked”, Dan Guido, the founder of Trail of Bits, told Vice.

Once the iVerify application detects that the user has got hacked. The user receives an alert by the app, and it also generates details regarding the various attack. Hacked users will be given a few steps to deal with the situation, and a report will be sent to the company.

Besides, the applications also recommend various tips & tricks to stay secure, like two-factor authentication apps and VPNs. But using a VPN is illegal in China. So, the app didn’t get approval on the Chinese App Store.

The app, however, is not available for free and costs Rs.399. If you’re willing to pay the price to stay secure, you can download this ios app for your iPhone or iPad from the link below. If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below.

Download iVerify – App Store (Rs. 399)

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