Disney+ Installed on More Than 22 Million Mobile Devices

Disney+ Installed on More Than 22 Million Mobile Devices featured image
  • Disney+ has been downloaded to mobile devices 22 million times since its launch in November, according to mobile app research firm Apptopia.
  • Disney announced in November that it had 10 million signups after its first day.
  • Google’s annual search trends list reported Wednesday that it was the top trending search in the U.S. in 2019, another sign the service is snowballing.

When Disney+ announced to launch an online streaming service, there was little doubt about its plan. Moreover, within 24 hours of launch, it had a mountainous 10 million subscribers.

Report: 22 Million Disney+ Downloads

A report from an independent app-tracking company Apptopia claimed the app had been downloaded 22 million times since its launch. The Apptopia only measures mobile downloads and usage. The company says it doesn’t count devices like Apple TV, smart TVs, Roku boxes or desktop web browsers. However, it was in the news the Indians wanted the government to regulate the online streaming services.

Several other applications are also benefited from Disney+. App tracking company Apptopia reports that the discounted bundle of the streaming services includes Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for just $12.99/ month. The company also believes “Roku is also getting more engagement as more users are watching a lot of Disney+.”

The company has already set its solid footing in the market, thanks to a vast audience that loves its contents. Also, the movies such as Frozen 2 and other upcoming movies like Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, will undoubtedly be a hit on the platform. Alongside that, the company has also added much-awaited favourite TV shows from ‘The DisneyPlus Channel’. It includes Hannah Montanna, Lizzy McGuire and the Wizards of Waverly Place.

The online streaming service Disney has rolled out in four countries outside the United States. And about 85% of downloads and daily users are from the U.S. itself. The application is set to launch globally next year, starting from with Western Europe in March, Latin America and then in Eastern Europe in the fall. However, if you want to watch Disney+ right now, you can do that by reading here.

Moreover, Disney+ has better pricing than Netflix, with it’s $6.99/ month. It offers 4K streaming up to 10 members one account. However, only 4-screens can be streamed simultaneously.

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