Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date and Trailer | Platform Update

kingdom hearts 4 release date
IMG Source: Sqaure Enix

Today, Kingdom Hearts 4 was finally announced, and I am on cloud nine. The completely unexpected announcement jolted my Sunday morning, and I’ve probably viewed the short announcement trailer nearly twenty times by now.

After analyzing some of the important conclusions from the short trailer, let’s get to the core of the story. When is Kingdom Hearts 4 release date and on which platforms will it be made available?

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

Video of Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement

Square Enix’s official press statement did not provide a release date, so we are left to our own assumptions. Even though the teaser calls this “development footage,” we have no idea how early in the process it is. Moreover, it is possible that this is only a piece of what’s been done thus far.

If this is what it is, it’s literally less than 30 seconds of the playable game in the finished product. As for the announcement, it’s possible that Square had a lot of time and effort invested in this.

I suspect Kingdom Hearts 4 is at least a few years away from being released.

When Kingdom Hearts 3 was first announced back in June 2013, it was a huge deal. As it turned out, Kingdom Hearts 3 was still a long way off. This is due to the fact that KH3 didn’t release until January 2019. The six-year wait for Kingdom Hearts 4 would be a huge disappointment. At the very least, I’d expect Kingdom Hearts 4 to take another two to three years.

I’m guessing a release date of 2024 or 2025. I’d prefer it to be sooner, but I believe we can presume Square prefers to take their time with this series.

Which Platforms Will KH4 Be Made Available

Likewise, Square Enix didn’t talk about what platform the KH4 will Release on its 20th anniversary. Although, most of the Kingdom Hearts series is now available on multiple platforms.

Kingdom Hearts currently appears to be a fully-fledged multiplatform franchise. However, is expected to launch initially on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. I believe it will also be available on PC, although there is a chance we will have to wait. For example, Kingdom Hearts 3 was not released on PC until two years after the console version.

It’s worth noting that Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced just months before the PS4 and Xbox One were released. I’m hoping Kingdom Hearts 4 doesn’t come out near the end of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S’s.

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