List of 5 Best Online Video Makers in 2021

Online video makers

Forget about cutting footage and splicing 35mm film with tape. Digital video makers and editors allow you to do tricks with just a few mouse clicks.

The Internet is, with permission of articles and news, basically about photos and videos. As we can see, almost 3 million videos are viewed every minute on YouTube. In Vine, more than a million videos were seen despite its closure, and more than 38,000 photos and videos are published on Instagram.

Video is being consumed more and more, especially on mobile devices. With current connections, WiFi, or 4G, we can watch videos anywhere at all times. And from those same devices, we can record video in high definition.

5 Best Online Video Makers 2021

Hence the importance of knowing how to make and edit videos, for personal or professional use, something that years ago was complicated, but today is as easy as opening a page of your web browser, uploading a raw video, and making a couple of mouse clicks to have your video ready, mounted and ready to upload it to YouTube or similar.

Let’s see some of the best free online video-makers to edit videos with any computer directly from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


The first option to simplify your online video-making and editing task is FlexClip, which is considered one of the easiest-to-use video makers in the world.

Its free plan allows you to work in high definition, automatically publish on YouTube and edit the number of videos you want. To make things easy, it has templates that customize the video’s style according to its purpose.

In the videos, you can include text messages, music, video, photographs … On the way between the video editor and the creator of interactive presentations, FlexClip will give you a hand no matter how many doubts you have.

Also, know the steps here on how to cast youtube videos to TV in detail here!


InVideo is an online video maker with over a million users in 190+ countries that helps you create and edit professional and high-quality videos in minutes even if you haven’t created one before. It can easily be accessed through a desktop or mobile browser and serves beginners and professionals as well.

Whether you’re looking for youtube intros, business presentations, or a music video, Invideo is a super intuitive video creation platform and a must-have tool for anyone looking for editing their videos in a professional way.

By uploading your raw video footage to it, you can create professional-looking videos online with the help of pre-configured templates with no watermarks. It is one of the most comprehensive video creation platforms to create video ads, promo videos, social media videos, and more.


With Clipchamp, you cover two needs: on the one hand, change the format of the video you want to edit, and on the other, perform simple tasks such as removing edges, rotating the video, cutting and deleting fragments, etc.

The free version of Clipchamp allows you to work with up to 5 videos per month at 1080p, a resolution more than adequate for current standards.

Clipchamp also has the possibility of recording video from your webcam, with a maximum of 5 minutes in the case of the free version. In both cases, you will have to register for free.


Suppose you are going to work with YouTube to share your videos. In that case, you may want to use the YouTube Video Editor, an online tool available through your free account that allows primary and advanced editing.

Among other things, the YouTube video editor allows you to trim, delete fragments, add audio and music, include effects, transitions, link to other videos or web pages, etc.

Online Video Cutter

You may not need a tool as powerful as the ones above. Maybe with being able to cut excess fragments, you have more than enough.

Hence, Online Video Cutter will help you cut scenes or fragments, eliminate edges, and even rotate the video 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

The exact page also offers another online tool to record video through your webcam.

The only requirement is to have Adobe Flash installed in the browser.


To achieve a practically professional video with photos, video, texts, and background music without much complication and previous experience, you may be looking for something like Stupeflix.

Its purpose is to make video editing as simple as possible. Drag and drop the elements to include in the video, and that’s it. To make things easier, it offers up to 16 themes that preset the style of the video according to the purpose of the video.

Otherwise, Stuplefix is free, offers a secure connection when uploading and editing, and supports up to 20 minutes of free video.


Promo is an online video maker that helps to create any type of video content easily. Promo aims to help businesses to have an effective tool to improve brand awareness, widen the reach, and promote what it offers. Promo has many features that you can try such as making video ads, Facebook ads, product videos, social media videos, and much more. With Promo you don’t need to be an expert in video making, it has 4,000+ ready-to-use templates that you can choose from and it fits all types of content. Promo also has access to Getty Images and iStock’s premium photos which you can also use to make your video content more engaging. You can also personalize your creation by adding some text, business logo, and more.


Whatever type of your website is, you need to create videos if you want to be competitive in the market today. Suppose you have never recorded a video for your site or do not know how to edit it. Do not worry; you will not have to spend a fortune to buy the licenses of some of the most popular programs, and you will not have to spend much time learning how to use that complicated software. You can use the video makers we listed above and achieve your video marketing goals. If you have any other tools that you want to share with us, comments are welcomed below.

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