How to Cast YouTube to your Home TV Using Chromecast

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Casting YouTube to a smart TV means opening the YouTube app from your mobile device and watching the video on your TV’s big screen.

Gone are the days of watching content on a small screen. I must say, these Spectrum offers for cable have spoiled me. I only enjoy watching HD picture quality especially when it comes to my favorite channels and shows.

New to the process of casting and not sure how it’s done? This guide has you covered!

Buy Yourself a Chromecast

To get started, you need Chromecast.

It’s a device by Google that allows you to stream your favorite entertainment on HDTV. It works with all apps. This small streaming device plugs into the TV via an HDMI port. It lets you stream content from your phone or a PC onto a big screen.

Right now, the third-generation Chromecast is out and it costs $35 only. Chromecast Ultra is available too for streaming in 4K. It’s faster and pricier, costing $69.99. No subscription or additional fee is required to continue using Chromecast. This streaming device has the power to breathe new life into your old TV.

Setting up Chromecast

Follow these steps to use Chromecast with your TV:

    1. Connect the power source of the Chromecast and plug the other end into the HDMI port of the TV or monitor.
    2. Turn on the TV and make sure it is tuned to the right HDMI channel
    3. On your mobile device, download the Google Home app.
    4. Then, set up the Chromecast on your device.

Note: The mobile device used must be Bluetooth enabled.

  1. Follow the prompts given by Chromecast to hook it with the TV.

Now that your Chromecast is all set, it is ready for streaming. Follow the steps discussed further to cast YouTube to your TV.

How to Cast YouTube to your TV

Make sure your mobile is connected to the same wireless network as the Chromecast. With these simple steps, you can cast YouTube to your TV in a snap!

    1. Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device
    2. Open the YouTube video you would like to watch on the TV’s big screen.
    3. As the video starts playing, you will see the casting icon on the screen’s corner
    4. Click on that icon to stream the content on your TV.
    5. Choose the right “Chromecast” from the list and you’re done.

If you are using your PC to cast a YouTube video to TV, then follow these steps:

    1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC
    2. You should be able to see a three-dotted menu on the screen’s upper right corner
    3. Click on that menu and a drop-down list will appear
    4. Choose “cast” from the options
    5. A list of Chromecast devices in your area will appear in a list
    6. Select yours and the browser will appear on the TV’s screen
    7. Open YouTube from the browser and play any video you like
    8. Enjoy the video on your TV’s big screen!

To stop casting, tap the cast button again and click disconnect.

Some Key Notes

  • You may not be able to play some videos using Chromecast. Examples include videos which are not approved for mobile playback.
  • YouTube works on adaptive bitrate streaming. Because of that, the videos might appear in low quality at first. It will switch to a higher video quality after a few seconds.
  • YouTube app,, YouTube’s music app, and the embedded YouTube videos are supported for casting.

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Enjoy the Good Life With Chromecast

The best thing about using Chromecast with TV is that it has a USB-like port at the back. It’s simple to plug it at the back of your TV even if it’s 10 years old.

Once you have successfully cast the video to TV, life will become simple. The worst part about streaming a video from the phone is having to unlock the device to pause the video. But when the video is cast to the TV, you can use your TV’s remote for playing and pausing the video. No need to reach your phone!

If you have Google Home speakers, simply use them for controlling the Chromecast with your voice. Say Ok, Google and give the command. You can also queue up YouTube videos on your phone while watching. You cannot reorder the videos once they are added to the queue.

Have a great time watching YouTube videos on TV!

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