Netflix Loses Million Subscribers to Disney+

netflix loses 1 million subscribers to disney plus
  • Online Video Streaming giant Netflix lost a million subscribers to Disney Plus (Netflix lost subscribers).

According to a poll conducted by an analytics firm, Cowen & Co. approx 24 million people in the US subscribed to Disney Plus, which has hardly been in the game for a month. Dinsey plus crossed 22 million subscribers in just one month of its launch.  Moreover, 5.8 Million Netflix subscribers canceled their subscriptions to make the switch.

Netflix Loses Subscribers to Disney Plus

That’s an impartially huge number for Netflix, which is already seeing deteriorating in the country.

As per the survey, 21 percent of the surveyors said they signed up for Disney plus in November 2019. Disney+ launched with the “The Mandalorian” and has also promoted its vast library of popular Marvel tv-shows like the “Pixar,” “Star Wars,” and Disney films. And it has aggressively helped the streaming platform to generate considerable attention. Disney also claimed that over 10 million users signed up for Disney+ just a day after its launch.

Since then, Disney steadily began drawing some of its accessible resources off of Netflix like “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” were canceled quickly after the announcement of Disney+.

It’s not a big secret that Netflix is starting to fight for being the giant streaming platform. Moreover, Netflix, on the other hand, is looking to load its family-friendly shows to compete with Disney+. Netflix is doing so by signing a multi-year deal with Nickelodeon to work on its originals films and television shows.

Meanwhile, Cowen reports that notable users are not paying for the Disney+ services. Verizon customers with the carrier’s unlimited data plan receive free Disney+ subscription for a year. Several new and upcoming streaming companies such as Apple Tv+ and HBO Max, have also offered similar deals to the customers.

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