How Can I Free Receive and Send Fax from Windows?

cocofax - free fax numbers

Fax, or the fax machine as we call it was once used as an effective and reliable tool for an easy and rapid transfer of information usually from an office to another. It was an easy task for a person to use and employ this technology and to effectively communicate the information between two mediums with stability and characteristic immoderation.

However, owing to the new changes and the modernization of communication that took place in the last decade, the usage of fax has declined sharply. This is due to the fact that the new technology has further eased the stance and made communication and information sharing way faster than the traditional fax.

Although its use has declined, its need cannot be denied as there are certain occasions where there is an ultimate need for a fax machine. Instances such as the transfer of confidential information or rapid information delivery require a fax machine. Here is what you need to use if you wish to send a fax from pc.

CocoFax: Send Fax On Windows:

Cocofax is a brilliant tool that comes into play whenever you need to send or receive a fax via your personal computer. All you require is a device or a pc where the fax can be sent from or received at. You can check more free fax software and see for yourself why Cocofax is taken as a virtuoso in this field.

cocofax - free fax numbers
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Cocofax is regarded and renowned owing to its brilliance in the field as well as the expertise it possesses. It is a highly recognized software used by millions across the planet and serves as a reliable companion. You can know why it is taken as a priority in online faxing at our very own page. You can also ask your questions from Google Fax Free and keep enjoying our fast and reliable services.

Why is CocoFax The Best Online Fax Platform?

Cocofax is highly recognized and reputed owing to its ease and up-to-the-mark services that make it the best and the most regarded application. Cocofax serves as your potential online faxing partner as it helps you to gain more and more trust through competent and steadfast services.

Cocofax is one of its kind as it allows the best comfort and eases to the users. The foremost quality of this service is that it can be used for a month without paying a single penny. You can avail of all of the services as Cocofax allows you to enjoy them for a month for free.

Certain other advanced features such as file conversion as well as downloading of the fax file can also be done through Cocofax. It provides you with a complete package, allowing you a full-fledged command over your faxing needs.

Is Fax Sending Possible Over A Windows Operating System?

Cocofax does not require specific extensions or plugins. It works on the ease principle as it provides you comfort and chastity in sending or receiving the fax. You can easily send or receive the fax on your Windows pc given that it procures a stable internet connection.

cocofax features
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How is The Fax Sent And Received On Windows 10 (Step by Step Guide)?

Cocofax works in complete synchronization with the user needs and therefore allows the bootup process to be easier and smooth. All you need is to follow some few steps that are written below:

Step 1:

The first step is to guarantee an internet connection as it is the first prerequisite. The next step is to log into the site of the service which is called “”. Soon as you log into the website there is a small create account button which opens into another tab.  Click on it to get the thing done fast!

Google Fax Free
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Step 2:

The click leads you to a small detail box where all of your detail would be demanded. You are kindly requested to ensure that the details or the credentials demanded from you are latest and precise. The moment you install the details into the box, Cocofax creates you a trial account that can be used for all of your faxing needs.

cocofax - send fax from windows
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Step 3:

This is the last or the trial step as it is the place from where you will be sending all of your fax. The account creation provides you with a free-of-cost fax number which is used as a stable identity. It resembles closely the email address. Moreover, the fax you receive is also stored in your account. Please make sure that your account details, as well as fax number, are only accessible to your entrusted contacts.

send fax using cocofax
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Are The Files Readable?

Since Cocofax is a user-oriented service, it ensures that the services being provided are top class and free from any problem. Cocofax provides you with the advantage that it receives the fax on your windows 10 like an email inbox and stores them while keeping a proper record.

Apart from that, the readability and trust of your fax documents are kept safe by conversion of files into a digital PDF format from where you can easily read the texts and ensure that they are proper. You can also share them digitally or allow access to any person you want your fax to be shared with.

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Cocofax is your partner in the online faxing service as it is a highly recommended service that entrusts the users through skilful tasks as well as the surety of the fax being sent or received. Cocofax is a digital application and allows users to send or receive information on the pc whilst sitting on their couch.

If you want an easy and rewarding fax service, make sure to use Cocofax in all of your faxing needs as it provides you with a free-of-cost trial for a month. The packages are affordable and therefore you can trust us in dealing with all of your faxing needs professionally.

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