How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay?

How to get google pay 2020 disco stamp

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But the problem is most of the users are not getting Disco and Selfie Stamp in Google Pay 2021 offer. This method will get you more than 70 per cent of the chances to unlock all the stamps.

How to Get Disco or Selfie Stamp in Google Pay 2020 Cake Offer

Here I will explain to you the ways via which you will able to Get Disco OR Selfie Stamp using this method. It’s all about Try and Error base and bit of luck also. You can also give a hit to your Luck and Give a Try to Get Free Disco OR Selfie Stamp in Google Pay.

Get Disco or Selfie Stamp in Google Pay Rangoli Stamp

Google Pay Officially launched a Unique way of collecting Disco Stamp in Google Cake Offer.

  • Open the below link and try your luck to Ger any of the stamps in the offer.

  [Google Pay]

Google Pay 2020 cake offer disco stamp

  • Now, all you need to do is your 2nd Bill payment or do a Recharge of at least Rs. 300, and you could stand a chance to win a Disco Stamp for free.
  • I tried this, and I Got the Disco Stamp using this method (Image below).

How to get google 2020 disco stamp

How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay [Updated Steps]

The Google Pay Rangoli Stamp Complete The Cake Offer, Google didn’t explain any perfect way of getting all the Stamps till now. In Google Pay Diwali Offer, it gave us a method How To Get a Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay Diwali Offer?

  • Here are Google Pay’s Official 6 methods to Get all the stamps in Google Pay Rangoli Stamp Cake Offer.

Google pay 2020, 6 official method

  • Pay Rs.98 Or More 5 Times to Business, Spot, or Google Pay User and Get 1 Stamp per Unique User.
  • Pay bills or Recharge mobile with at least Rs — 300 On a Bill or Rs.98 on mobile recharge.
  • Invite friends to Google Pay, and when your friend makes their fast payment with your Google Pay Referral Code.
  • Use the Google pay 2021 scanner.
  • Listen to On-Air ads.

Method 1: Use the Google Pay Scanner to Get Sunglasses Stamp

    • Open Google Pay App and then Open 2021 Scanner.
    • Scan Images Given Below to get a chance to win Sunglass Stamp.
      Google pay 2020 images to scan Google pay images to scan

  • Here, you can see I completed one layer of Cake using Google 2021 Scanner.
    How to Get Sunglasses Stamp in Google Pay Cake Offer, how to get rangoli stamp in google pay
  • After completing one layer and i got a bonus scratch card for 3rd January 2021.
    Google Pay HNY Scratch Card worth Rs. 10 to Rs. 101
  • I Managed to get HNY Scratch Card (Happy New Year Scratch Card) After completing the first layer.
    Google pay HNY Scratch Card claimed

Method 2: Use Paytm to get Google Pay Rangoli Stamp

Here’s how you can easily get Google Pay Rangoli Stamp using Paytm app.

  1. Open Paytm and select Add Money Option.
  2. Now, add Rs. 35 or more to your Paytm wallet.
  3. Pay using Google Pay UPI.
  4. Now, be assured you will get rangoli stamps or flowers using the above steps.

If in case you didn’t get the Google Pay Rangoli Stamp try the other methods below and there is a very high chance that you will surely get Rangoli Stamp.

Method 3: Listen to On-Air ads on Youtube or TV

  • Click on Listen to On-Air Ads and listen to this video by allowing your device to record/scan audio nearby for the ads.

Do comment below and let us know if any of the above-mentioned methods works for you.

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