Quickly Hide or Delete a Comment on Instagram Posts, Instagram Live!

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Nobody wants to set a wrong impression by commenting on instagram posts with a typo, right? And With the growing popularity of the social media platform – Instagram which is clearly going to stay very long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delete a comment on instagram with a typo or something you regret after commenting on an Instagram post. So, in this article, I’m going to show you how to delete a comment on Instagram easily in 2023.

Note: You can delete other people’s comments on your posts, but you can only delete your own comments on people’s posts.

Here’s how you can quickly delete or hide comments on instagram:

To delete a comment, On Android, Tap and hold on the comment and on iPhone, just swipe left to edit a comment on Instagram posts. And on Desktop/ PC, click on three dots and tap the trash icon.

How to delete a comment on Instagram on your iPhone or Android

  1. Open the instagram app and login to your account, if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Now, search for the post you want to hide and delete other people’s comments.
  3. If you are an iPhone user, you might want to swipe left on the comment to remove it. Android users can press and hold the comment to select.
  4. Finally, click on the Trash icon to remove comments on instagram.

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How to delete an Instagram comment on your computer?

  1. Head over to Instagram.com.
    delete comment on Instagram
  2. Click on the Post and tap on the three dots to select and edit it.
    delete comment on instagram easily
  3. Tap Edit/ or delete option to delete an instagram comment.

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How to Delete All Comments on Instagram?

The social media platform, Instagram has one of the unique features that can cut down your hard work by helping you in deleting all instagram comments at once. Here’s how you can bulk delete all comments using a click.

  1. Open Instagram App on your Smartphone (Android or Apple).
  2. Look for posts that you want to remove comments from.
  3. Click on three-dot, you can find it at the top right corner.
  4. Click on “Manage Comments.”
  5. Select all the comments that you want to bulk remove.
  6. Click on “Delete Comments” to delete it.

Moreover, if you don’t like other people to comment on your Instagram posts, you can completely turn off commenting on those particular posts. Here’s how to turn off commenting on instagram live, posts, photos:

In the top right-corner of a post, tap on the three dots icon, now a pop-up menu will appear where you have to choose “Turn Off Commenting”. Once done, the commenting option will disappear for the posts instantly.

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How to Delete a Comment on Instagram That You Can’t Find

Here’s how you can delete a comment on Instagram that you can’t find, Log in from browser and hit CTRL + F and type in the comment that you wrote on someone’s posts. Also, click on Load More comments to find your hidden gem buried in Instagram.

How do I hide comments on Instagram in 2023?

You can use Instagram Restrict Feature to hide anyone’s comment on Instagram with just a few taps. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open Instagram App and find the comment you want to hide.
  2. Now, Select comments and click and hold on the comments (on Android) or swipe from right to left (on iOS).
  3. Select Restrict to hide someone’s comment.
  4. Here you will be shown Instagram Restrict features.
  5. Finally, tap on Restrict Account.


How to Delete a Comment on Instagram After Reporting?

Once you have reported a comment on Instagram, it will automatically disappear from your posts. Currently, Instagram only has a feature to report and once you report someone you can un-report someone. So it is advised to think before reporting someone.

How to Delete Instagram Comments on Instagram Live?

Currently, Instagram doesn’t have the feature that allows you to delete comments from Instagram Live. However, you can hide them or turn off commenting.

Can you undelete an Instagram comment?

Undeleting a comment is currently not possible on Instagram. If you remove any comment you will not be able to recover or undo the deletion of any comment.

Will the person be notified when you delete their comment?

The answer to your question is no, User’s won’t be notified if you remove or delete their comments from your posts.

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