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How to Create a Subdomain in GoDaddy 2021

In this post, I’ll talk you through on how to create a subdomain in GoDaddy (2020)? This is one of the most straightforward step-by-step guides to follow. You will also know about What is a subdomain?

Before diving into How to create subdomain GoDaddy, at first, we are going to look at What is a Domain & What is a Subdomain?

What is a Subdomain?

As you might be aware of domain and domain name, so here we will talk about what is a subdomain – a subdomain is a subset or part of a domain (for example – “techycoder.com” it is a domain, and you can name your subdomain anything you want like “news.techycoder.com” or “tools.techycoder.com“.

A full domain name includes these two components: Top-level Domain (TLD) and a Second-level Domain (SLD). Let us get started with how to create a subdomain on GoDaddy.

How to Create Subdomain in Godaddy?

There are two different ways to add subdomain GoDaddy:

  1. Create Subdomain Godaddy using cPanel.
  2. Add Godaddy subdomain using DNS.

Create Subdomain Godaddy using cPanel

Learn How to Create Subdomain in Godaddy using cPanel, at first you need to get website hosting plan for your domain.


  1. Go to GoDaddy’s Official Website and log in.
  2. Click on drop-down button next to your Godaddy profile name.
  3. Now, click on My Products.

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    Check detailed steps on how to create a subdomain in GoDaddy
  4. Here, you will find your Hosting plan, Click on “Manage”.

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    Know How to create a subdomain in GoDaddy
  5. Here, you will find the Subdomain option under the Domain section.
  6. Click on Subdomains, and only enter your subdomain name.
  7. Click on the Create button. Your subdomain is now ready.

Using this above step by step method, you can now create your subdomain easily. Check the best free web hosting for your website if you are starting out.

Add Subdomain DNS (How to Create subdomain in GoDaddy without hosting)

If you want to add subdomain using DNS for your Blogspot website, then you can use this DNS method to create a subdomain using DNS.

  1. Login to your Godaddy account.
  2. Go to My Products > DNS Management of your desired domain.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the Add button to add a new record.
  4. Select A from Type, and in TTL type in 10800 seconds.
  5. Enter your subdomain name to add subdomain DNS, and click on Save.
  6. You successfully create a subdomain on Godaddy.

Using this above step, you know now how to create a subdomain in GoDaddy without hosting.

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Conclusion: How to Create a Subdomain in Godaddy

Now you know how to create a subdomain in GoDaddy with and without a hosting plan. If you have any doubts about creating a subdomain Godaddy, do let us know in the comment below. And if you like this blog post, do share it with your friends.


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