This Application Lets You Tweak and Customize Your Smartphone

Cometin is a free*, a growing collection of tweaks and tricks to Tweak Customize your smartphone using an application. That optimizes and improves your Android experience. Read this article further to know more about Tweaking and Customizing your android application easily with just a few clicks.

Cometin – Tweak Customize your Smartphone Application

Cometin tweak your smartphone

There are a lot of methods to tweak and personalize an Android smartphone completely; there is an app named Cometin that allows you to make some customizations to your smartphone. In addition, without rooting your android smartphone.

Cometin is an Android app that contains a collection of features making use of Google’s Dynamic Modules feature. Implementing features as modules make it easier for the developer to organize & deliver future updates and helps the user to download only the elements he/she wants.

List of Modules on Cometin

Above all, the app has several modules, namely Ambient display, Better rotation, Darker brightness, Hide heads-up, and Cometin Sync. Let’s get to know what these modules offer one by one.

For instance, the ambient display module allows you to design a custom ambient display for your phone. However, my favorite module is Better rotation, a module that will enable you to force all screen orientations for all apps. I’ve got to admit how I missed this feature after moving from custom ROMs.

Tweak Customize, cometin app tweak UI
Using Cometin App to Tweak Customize Android smartphone application.

Caffeine offers you to keep the screen turned on in case you’re using it for an extensive period. You can also configure the module to turn off the screen after a specific time interval and to Tweak and Customize your smartphone using an application named Cometin.

In addition to this, Darker brightness pushes the limits with the intensity by applying a more colored overlay for reducing the screen brightness beyond the default screen brightness levels. The parallel module lets you create a second instance of apps by using the work profile.

Moreover,  it Hides heads-up, as the name hints, dismisses notifications with low priority. Remap assistant lets you trigger shortcut actions that you assign. Finally, we have Cometin Sync, a module that allows you to sync notifications, URLs, and access sticky notes between a synced phone and PC.

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Telegram Support Group

You may join the app’s Telegram support group, if you need help with the app or if you have module suggestions that would make the app better. So this is how you can Tweak Customize Smartphone Application easily.

Check out Cometin from the link below and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

Download Cometin from the PlayStore (Free)

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