Microsoft Starts Teasing with a New Start Menu

microsoft teasing new start menu, Microsoft New Start Menu

Recently, Microsoft kind of announced a new Start Menu redesign, and will be ditching its “Live Tiles”. Live Tiles feature was introduced in the Windows Phone platform and after its success brought to the desktop as well. But now the company is reportedly considering to redesign its Start Menu without the Live Tiles.

Microsoft New Start Menu

Recently the company in a Windows Insider Podcast, Microsoft New Start Menu design was revealed. This new redesign of Windows Start Menu doesn’t show any trail of the Live Tiles. Instead, the company is working on transparent and flat icons with a cleaner look. Moreover, the company is also looking to decrease the use of colors, and add more simplicity and uniformity to the Start Menu icons.

This new design of Microsoft New Start Menu is a part of the “Fluent UI Design” language to which the company has explained it on their official website.

Mike LaJoie, one of the companies icon designers, said, “The idea behind is to unify the Start Menu app visually to something a bit more uniform,”

To which company has already unveiled its new design to Windows 10X for the Surface Duo, and Surface New as well without Live Tiles in the start menu.


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So, what do you think about ditching the Live Tiles from Windows? Let us know in the comment section below.

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