Device Made by an Indian Reminds Users to Maintain Social Distance

Kawach Maintain social distance

The Novel Coronavirus explosion has forced every individual to maintain social distance to prevent further spread of the COVID-19. Most of the governments have initiated nationwide lockdown around the globe to slow down the spread of deadly COVID-19. However, there are still some individuals who are taking the situation very carelessly. Now, to help people remind the importance of keeping a safe distance from others. An Indian engineering student has built “Kawach” (shield), a small device like a pendant that reminds users to maintain social distance.

Device Reminds to Maintain Social Distance


Prabin Kumar Das, a student of LPU located in Punjab, noticed that despite so many warnings by health organizations like the WHO and the CDCs, individuals were finding it difficult to maintain at least of one-meter social distance from one another. To remind people about the safe distancing as informed by WHO, he made “Kawach” (Shield).

Kawach Maintain social distance

“Kawach,” Hindi for “shield,” is a pendant like a device that can be worn around the neck. The device comes equipped with a pack of hardware. There is an LED, vibrator, a controller, a battery, an ultrasonic sensor, and a human body temperature sensor.

How Does This Device Work?

Now the question may arise: How does this device work? “Kawach” with the help of an ultrasonic sensor can detect any other individual within one meter of the device wearer, and the device vibrates and glows to let the user know. This feature is one of the best of the equipment and can help people maintain social distance to prevent the spread of the widespread virus.

Apart from this feature, “Kawach” can also remind the wearer to wash his/her hands every 30 minutes by vibrating. It can also warn the users when the body temperature of the wearer rises. For doing this, the device uses the human body sensor to monitor body temperature. And most importantly, the device can also send warning SMS to the user’s smartphone if the body temperature surpasses a specific limit.

According to the reports, the device might be priced at only ₹ 500 ($6.69), once commercialized. If the demand rises and then if it is mass-produced, the cost can come down to as low at ₹ 400 ($5.35).

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