Minecraft has a playable version of April Fool’s Joke: The World Becomes Your Inventory

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It’s April 1st, which means you can’t rely on any single brand today. Mojang appears to be an exception because its April Fools’ prank isn’t a load of nonsense; it’s actually true. However, developers at Minecraft have added a brand new feature to Minecraft where you can actually play Minecraft April Fools Joke where a player gets to tackle one block at a time.

You can read about it in a blog post on the Minecraft website. The game’s April Fool snapshot changes everything about the game completely. Having to think about their inventory, XP, or crafting recipes isn’t going to be a thing anymore. Instead, the developer made the entire world an inventory where you can pick up anything a player wants.

A Player Version of Minecraft April Fools Joke

Mobs can’t be hurt but can be thrown into a pool of lava or off the side of the cliff. Because of all this, even though the Snapshot’s patch notes say that the “excitement factor” of chests has been raised, they can’t be opened. Exciting! 😑

All of this is done in an attempt to improve the game by reducing the number of features available for players to analyze. Have a problem with Minecraft’s Inventory System? Don’t fret, It’s no longer there. Mojang’s April Fools’ Day prank may be the greatest of this year’s April Fools Days.

Other than this developers at Mojang have been working hard on updating Minecraft’s upcoming wild update version 1.19 which is going to add new mobs, biomes, and blocks to the world.

Moreover, there will be no ray tracing on Xbox after it was found out that the feature was added to a preview by mistake.

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