iPhone 12 Pro Models To Feature Samsung OLED Panels

iPhone 12 Pro Models To Feature Samsung OLED Panels

As per the reports, the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro models will now exclusively use Samsung OLED panels. iPhone 12 Pro models will come with 6GB RAM, quad-camera setup, and 5G support. The iPhone lineup will also include models with different screen sizes with the OLED panels beginning from 2020. If you’re unaware of the fact that Samsung is already the leading supplier for the displays on iPhone 11 Pro series. LG and Sharp are initially supplying the LCD panels used on iPhone 11.

Though Samsung is a rival of Apple, it is already planning to launch its iPhone 11 competitor. Considering the fact these two companies have issues in the past. It is somewhat surprising that Apple still needs Samsung to provide OLED panels in an even larger quantity.

iPhone 12 inspired by iPhone 4
iPhone 12 inspired by iPhone 4 series.

Although, the latest reports from ETNews claims that Samsung will supply Panels in different screen sizes with the Y-OCTA panels for Apple’s 5.8-inch  iPhone 12 Pro models, and the 6.7-inch for the iPhone Pro Max models. The reports also suggest Samsung is the only manufacturer in the world to supply these panels at the order Apple needs.

The iPhone 12 will also supposedly switch to the OLED displays next year, say reports. For those unaware of “Y-OCTA,” it stands for Youm On-Cell Touch Amoled. With these On-Cell touch panels, there is no need for any additional touch-layer on top of the display. Ultimately making the display thinner, and also making it easier and more affordable to the manufacturer.

Apart from the main iPhone lineup, Apple is also expected to release the long-awaited iPhone SE 2 refresh next year. It is rumored to come with the A13 Bionic chip inside an iPhone 8-like body. It will be exciting to see how Apple manages its line-up next year.

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