10 FaceRig Alternatives (Free) in 2021

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In this article, we have made a list of 10 FaceRig alternatives to help you choose something like FaceRig but free. But first, let us start with FaceRig. If you have a computer that has a webcam, you can turn yourself into a fantastic character through FaceRig. Later, you can stream that video or save it as a movie file.

What is FaceRig?

FaceRig is an amazing platform that allows people to personify their unique character, with props and backgrounds, by just using their webcam. All these props, characters, and backgrounds are easy to use in FaceRig and make your video chat fun and creative.

Here are 10 Best FaceRig Alternatives in 2021:

1. Gravity

Gravity is a fantastic FaceRig alternative where you can create your 3D avatar version for Ethereum. You can make your 3D character do many things, like giving high-five, dancing, running, etc. This alternative to FaceRig provides you with loads of tools to help you create your avatar. There are millions of features to choose from, including ears, eyes, noses, hairstyles, and much more than that. And on top of that, you get to pick your clothing, head shape, skin color as well. This software, like FaceRig, helps you transform regular chat into an extraordinary one.

2. F-Clone

F-clone is one software that has pioneering technology that can record facial expressions and record individual movements in real-time with your ordinary webcam. Among all the FaceRig alternatives allows you to create games and create avatars that you can share on YouTube or any other streaming platforms. Among all apps like FaceRig, F-Clone only takes a minute to create an avatar that you can share on YouTube and other media. Once you start using this alternative to FaceRig, you can access a free redesigned library, and you can also buy its premium version for more advanced users.

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3. FaceFx

Being the best FaceRig alternative, FaceFx also provides audio and video solutions for video games. FaceFx is the best programs like FaceRig that can work with the audio file and let your 3D avatar talk. You can also create many custom slider setup for your avatar. You can edit your 3D avatar to perfection with its face graph property that helps you create a relationship between different targets with this alternative to FaceRig. FaceFx is also considered to be the most advanced alternatives you can go for FaceRig.

4. Muvizu Play

Muvizu Play is one of those FaceRig alternatives where you can animate your crazy ideas in hours and minutes. Once you are done crafting your concept, you can then export it to YouTube. You can also go for the premium version if you like, but this paid alternative to FaceRig also offers a free trial version with several restrictions. This paid software like FaceRig also gets a frequent update to its different features.

5. CrazyTalk

CrazyTalk is one of the most popular FaceRig alternatives with options for facial animation. It has several advanced features like a 3D head creation tool supporting lip-syncing and auto motion engine with perfection. It is the best alternatives to FaceRig. CrazyTalk offers an exclusive feature in its premium version, but you can use some of its features in the free version of the software like FaceRig but free. You can also create funny photo album and videos (videos for training and marketing too), animated comics, and more.

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6. iClone

If you are looking for one of the fastest real-time FaceRig alternatives that can handle speed and demand, iClone is the best choice for you. This iClone software like FaceRig is loaded with the best tech to make 3D animation super simple and user friendly. When you want to unleash all its professional power, then you can buy the premium version for this alternative to FaceRig.

7. MocapX

MocapX is a free FaceRig alternative that unleashes the full potential of the true depth on iPhone’s camera. Moreover, it also brings a unique and seamless facial motion capturing experience to Maya. If you have an iPhone, you can quickly animate any character in real-time with its camera option. This alternative to FaceRig also allows you to connect up to 2 iPhones simultaneously in real-time. Like FaceRig, this software can record facial movements offline with another option to record eye movements and store later match it with your expressions.

8. Houdini

Houdini is an alternative to FaceRig, a procedural system that empowers the user to work freely. Here you can create various animations and share them online. Houdini is something like FaceRig that allows you to make creative decisions and iterations. Being FaceRig alternatives it offers artist-friendly and intuitive tools for creating exceptional results.

9. Blender

Blender is yet another best FaceRig alternatives that allow you to convert any of your still avatars into impressive animations. This free alternative to FaceRig has a list of tools that makes it the best free FaceRig alternatives. And being an open-source 3D suite where you can simulate your animation, render, and an option to track motion.

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10. Moviestorm

Moviestorm is one of those FaceRig alternatives that is specially designed for moviemakers of all kinds. This FaceRig Free version alternative is all you need, whether you are an amateur or a professional or whatever interest you have. With software like FaceRig, you can use it to create a media portfolio for the education field and develop skills.

So, these ten alternatives to FaceRig are similar in so many ways and yet very unique at the same time. Each of these FaceRig alternatives has something better to offer. Make sure you know what specifically you are looking for. Or you can use them and get knowledge of the 3D animation market.

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