BLOG VS VLOG: The Basic Differences

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Blog Vs Vlog

Blog and Vlogs are two powerful online communication tools that always challenge each other. A blog is an online content posting informational website which usually presents text and images. Whereas Vlog mainly contains material in the form of videos. Moreover, both blogging and vlogging have their unique features. If you are thinking of starting a blog or vlog, the question might popup in your mind, which is better blogging or vlogging. And what is the difference between blog and vlog?

So, let get started with Blog vs Vlog difference.

What is Blogging?

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The definition of blogg (weblog) is a purely textual based informational website published worldwide mainly run by and individual or group of peoples.

A blogger is someone who writes content for google blog sites. However, if you are not good at content writing, then you can hire a freelance content writer.

Blogspot, WordPress, medium, etc. are online places where you will usually see a lot of bloggers.

Blogs are mainly used to share thoughts and ideas. Blogs can feature any form of content like images, text, gifs, and PDFs. Many Big websites owners create different blogs based on their niche to share the latest news with their followers.

What is Vlogging?

blog vs vlog, blog, vlog, how to earn money through vlogging

The term Vlog formerly comes from the blog. It is short for Video logs where the content is shared in the form of video. There are only a few social media platforms where users can record and post their video content. Video-Sharing platforms like youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. Overall the most popular and widely used platform for vlogging is Youtube. What is the difference between blog and vlog?

Vloggers create youtube channels where they upload their funny video format, memes, drive, and educational videos for their audience.

Blogging Vs Vlogging: Popularity

There is an unmatched rise in the number of blogging websites these days. According to a report, there are approximately 91.8 million new posts published every month on WordPress.

Nowadays, every big brand has their blogs. It supports their online business activities and also helps them increase their sales. With the help of a blog, one can share their knowledge via written words, without facing a camera.

A blog can also be modified into an online e-commerce shop. It is a good idea since the e-commerce industry continues to grow. Statista projects that about 2.14 billion people worldwide will purchase goods or services on the internet in 2021.

How to start/create a Blog?

To start/create a blog, you need to select a perfect niche for your blog website, and then you need to choose the right domain name(a name for your blog). There are several blogging platforms to start from but here I’ll suggest WordPress in this difference between blog and vlog.

Starting and setting up a blog is quick and easy. There are many platforms available online that allow you to start a blog for free.

You should develop excellent writing skills for writing the blog post. If you are a good writer, then blogging is made for you to express your ideas and views about the topic you are interested in.

The representation of the content is what makes a blog and vlog different from each other. But when it comes to popularity, Vlog has many audiences than a regular blogging website.

According to the report, users watch 70,000+ videos on youtube in a second.

Creating video content is much easier than writing content, especially for those who are not good at writing.

How to start a Vlog?

In this section, I’ll tell you how to start a vlog? So, To start a vlog, all you need is a good camera phone to record and desktop/ laptop to edit your video and record high-quality content to get better results. Remember, presentation skills are also necessary. Many content creators have great content, but they lack presentation skills and don’t know how to vlog.

Many famous vloggers and celebrities use Youtube as a medium to deliver content in the form of online videos and for that, you need to have a vlogging camera.

Nowadays, Live streamed videos are gaining more popularity day by day. Live Streaming allows living stream events and interacting with subscribers/ followers on the go and people love watching videos online.

Youtube, has opened enormous opportunities for beginners to showcase their talents, as a common and widely used platform, and gain popularity in very little time.

Blog vs Vlog Income

The vlogger and blogger difference, both the Bloggers and Vloggers want to make money from their content. But choosing from blogging vs vlogging money earning might be difficult. And, the question might come into your mind “Who earns more money?”

Who Earns More Money?

Earning Difference between blogger and vlogger –

First of all, both blogging and vlogging have huge fan followings.

One of the advantages of Making Money via vlogging is you can go viral from zero to hero in weeks. Moreover, Blogging Vs. Vlogging has its Pros and Cons of which I had shared information below.

Blog Vs Vlog: Pros and Cons

blog vs vlog, blog, vlog, how to earn money through vlogging, difference between blog and vlog


If you are still in doubt to choose between blogging and vlogging. I’ve prepared a detailed comparison of the “Blog Vs Vlog: Pros and Cons.”

Blogging Pros

  • You don’t need any professional tools, just a laptop, internet connection, and excellent writing skills.
  • Investment is meager as compared to vlogging; you can buy the best hosting and domain services at an affordable price.
  • There are already crafted platforms for blogging, platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, and so on.
  • There are some websites like where you can get more blog ideas and Wix blogs also provide a platform to write.

Blogging Cons

  • It will take plenty of time to write a good article
  • Articles should be unique and free from plagiarisms.
  • One of the primary challengers for newbies is learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Vlogging Pros

  • Get easily ranked in search engines
  • Reach your audience quickly and can gain popularity overnight.
  • Endless ideas of video content on Youtube. Viewers especially love to watch the same content provided by different content creators.

Vlogging Cons

  • First of all, if you like privacy, then don’t do it all.
  • Apart from this, the biggest cons of being vlogger is the courage to put your face in a video blog. It could go viral in a minute on the internet.

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Blogger and Vlogger difference

If you ask me which is better blog or vlog – I would say vlogging is a win-win for someone to try out. But it is up to you and your content and content marketing strategies. Plus, vlogs are more engaging and entertaining! Some of you might be thinking is blog the same as vlog?

You can try doing both; there is no restriction in doing that. But keep in mind, there should be a passion for the work which shows people you are really doing something interesting to which audiences find interesting and engaging.

Both platforms provide a fantastic opportunity to share content to reach new audiences daily. It totally depends on how you feel in front of the camera. And what kind of content you are going to show to your target audiences. And you can do digital marketing on both the blog and vlog to earn extra income out of it.

Thus, concluding my Blog Vs Vlog article. Do comment down below and let us know what you think about blog vs vlog difference.

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