The 7 Best Free VR Apps For 2022

Best Free VR Apps List

VR is quickly becoming the next big thing in entertainment. While headsets like Oculus VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR have been on the market and evolved, we’ve seen a lot of people get excited about what’s coming next. If you want to experiment with it without spending money on a new smartphone, you can download some best free VR apps for Android and iOS to get an impression of how VR will revolutionize the virtual world. Here is our list of the top 7 free VR apps for 2021, which are currently available for iOS, Android, and VR Headset devices.

Fulldive (For Android & iOS)

Fulldive VR is an all-in-one social virtual reality app that has a collection of over 1 million 360° videos from its users. Along with that the app also has 500 impressive games that can keep their audiences entertained for hours.

There’s a reason why we have to include this app in our best free Virtual Reality apps list for 2022. Fulldive allows viewers to experience watching movies in theatres and playing games with their loved ones.

Fulldive VR for iOS

Fulldive VR for Android

Google Expeditions (Android & iOS)

The App, Google Expeditions can be found under the education category in Google Play Services, however, the one thing you don’t know about the app is it is more fun than education for all ages. The app features the world’s popular destinations.

Currently, the developing team has added around 200+ expeditions destinations that you can enjoy. However, the downside is Google Expeditions only works best with Cardboard or VR gear, but you get to use 360-degree mode.

Expeditions for iOS

Expeditions for Android

Google Arts and Culture (Android & iOS)

Google Arts and Culture is similar to the Expeditions app, except this best free VR app mostly focuses on museums, heritage sites, and historical locations. Apart from that, this app is 100% compatible with Google Cardboard with various locations to choose from.

In comparison to other Google VR apps, Google Arts and Culture has a small user base. However, it is currently viewed as one of the best free Virtual Reality apps available online.

Google Arts & Culture for iOS

Google Arts & Culture for Android

GoPro VR (Android & iOS)

As from the name you have might have already guessed what this best free VR app is all about. By using the GoPro VR app you get to see much more diversified content from around the world. All the videos are recorded by the GoPro camera itself so you don’t have to worry about the quality of any video.

If you love adventure, then this App is perfect for you, all you need to get is a Cardboard. And, to spice up things, some of the videos are even recorded at 60 FPS. However, the app is restricted in some countries.

GoPro VR for iOS

GoPro VR for Android

Virtual Speech (Android & iOS)

If you are new to public speaking or want to experience it before an event, Virtual Speech can be a great tool to help you feel more comfortable. The app places you on a virtual stage in front of a virtual audience, where you can practice your speech or presentation.

The controls can be changed to make the crowd move and behave in a way that is more challenging as you practice. After you’ve completed your presentation, Virtual Speech will analyze it and provide you a score based on your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Download Verbal Speech for iOS

Download Verbal Speech for Android

InCell (Android & iOS)

InCell is the result of combining the notion of Fantastic Voyage with a racing game set in a VR environment. It accurately recreates the anatomy of human cells, allowing players to navigate through inner space to pleasant theme songs while racing against viruses.

Download Incell for iOS

Download Incell for Android

Jaunt (Best Free Virtual Reality App for Oculus Go & Samsung Gear)

Jaunt VR app is one such application that will make you believe that you are actually living – working in Virtual Reality. You get the option to choose from hundreds of virtual reality experiences like seating in the front seat of Paul McCartney’s concert or maybe enjoying a 360° fashion photoshoot with your favorite designer.

Oculus & Gear VR

If you have any new suggestions, please send us your best virtual reality apps here.

FAQs on Best Free VR Apps

Does YouTube have VR?

Yes, YouTube offers VR for most of the videos.

What app do I download for VR headset?

The only app that comes to mind is Google Cardboard. This app is compatible with almost everything.

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