What does turn off storage mean Xbox one?

What Does Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Mean, xbox is off turn off storage

Love playing games on Xbox? I bet you do love playing games. To get us more games, Microsoft has started releasing more and more games and apps compatible for xbox consoles. Some Xbox users might get to see “Xbox is off turn off storage”. You might get confused with this xbox system’s settings.

So, if you were wondering what does Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Mean and when you should turn off storage on your xbox series. Here is what all these mean.

When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage mean?

To make everything clear, this Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage is not any error, it’s just when you select Instant on Mode on your Xbox to Power on from the start menu. Now you know what does Xbox one notification of when Xbox is off turn off storage mean. You can also open the guide and check how xbox works here to clear your thoughts on Xbox is Off turn Off storage.

However, in default mode Xbox allows downloading games and apps in the background. This default mode configuration ensures your Xbox keeps downloading and updating the game updates.

Moreover, some users might find this as a mode best to save time and energy while downloading large files. Not everyone wants to power up their Xbox for useless updates and downloads. So this Xbox is off turn of storage setting is for you using energy save mode.

As per the name suggests, your Xbox won’t download anything if you turn off this mode and your external drive will be turned off.

When You Should Use the Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Option?

As of now, you already know this configuration is perfect for you as it allows you to download apps and games while your Xbox is powered off. But many users find this option annoying as some users love to watch the downloading percentage. However, you can disable the above settings.

Moreover, if you want to save the storage on your Xbox, you can uncheck this option if you don’t want to download upcoming and exciting games. And on top of that this settings saves power and time when you power on your Xbox.

How to Enable When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Option?

The simplest way of enabling When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Option are below:

  1. Press the Xbox Button and head over to guide.
  2. Press the navigation button on your controller and Choose Settings > Power Mode
  3. Check the When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage Option.
  4. Finally, click on Done to save the settings and close the window.

Note: This setting will start working immediately. Now your xbox one can download while turned off.

Wrapping up

Now you know what is Xbox is Off turn off Storage means and how to enable and use this feature to download new games and updates while the console is in Instant-On or stand-by mode.


Does Xbox download while it’s off?

If you have Xbox One it can download while it’s Off by enabling Instant on Mode to download.

Does the Xbox One continue installing when off?

If you completely turn off your Xbox console, it won’t install. However, if it is in stand-by mode it will keep on installing the updates or games.

What does turn off storage when Xbox is off mean?

This means when you turn off storage the console will not will not update or install anything while it is turned off. Moreover, this won’t damage your saved games or any ongoing syncs.

Which is better instant-on or energy-saving?

The energy-save mode is a better choice as it uses 30 times less power then instant on mode. Instant Mode uses 15W of power, while the energy-saving mode only uses 0.5W of power.

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