These Are the Top 10 Web Browsers in the World

Top 10 Web Browsers

Top 10 Web Browsers with the Most Market Share.
List of Top 10 Web Browsers in the world

Everyone has their favorite Web browser for browsing the vast internet. According to the data from the NetMarketShare, Tech Giant Google Chrome is still dominating the Top 10 list of Web Browsers segment in the world with a whopping 67.39% market share. Also, read about Google Chrome Drag and Drop Feature.

The figures for Chrome have reduced a bit when compared with the previous month, where it had 68.33%. However, the tech giant doesn’t have to worry as the other browser on the top 10 list, Firefox, stays significantly lower at 8.63%.

The vast difference in figures between the first and second position shows how Google succeeded with its efforts to push Google Chrome as a standard. Google Chrome, being a resource-hungry web browser, manages to deliver smooth performance if you have decent hardware in your PC.

Top 10 Web Browsers with the Most Market Share
Web Browsers for different devices

It is quite surprising that Microsoft Internet Explorer still manages to come third with 6.37% while Microsoft’s Edge falls behind at 6.09%. Apple’s Safari retains at the fifth position with 4.81%, which signifies that a majority of Mac users stick to the Safari browser.

Other Web browsers in the list include Sogou Explorer at 1.84%, QQ at 1.69%, Opera at 1.33%, Yandex at 0.85%, and UC Browser at 0.31%. These browsers are mainly being used in China, with Opera being an exception.

In the meantime, Microsoft is preparing itself to make a robust come-back to the list of Top 10 web browsers segment in the world with the Chromium-based Edge.

So, which browser in the list do you use the most? Let us know in the comments.

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