Some Fun Snapchat Hacks!

fun snapchat hacks

Snap chat is one of the best apps in the world. It is designed differently as compared to other applications. Just like its name, it is an image messages platform where we can talk to our friends on snaps and through this app, we can see your live Snaps and allows you to check out stuff happening around the globe. Through Snapchat, you can use filters and set up the brightness level according to your preference. To use Snapchat get the internet services to bundle up with spectrum channel packages for special discounts. Spectrum packages offer a lot to customers.

Snapchat has introduced a lot of new features and has the best speed to stay connected to your friends on social media. You can add different stickers on your snaps, you can create a snap map, bitmoji, and you can add up any songs you like on your video snap as well. Snapchat support is more cooperative and will mail and respond to your problems within seconds. Through Snapchat, some people can earn money as well. You can make a spotlight video and if it is the best video of the week, Snapchat gives you the reward of it. You can even add links on With Snapchat, people can directly open it by just seeing your snap, and it is one of the best features for advertising any product. You can create stickers of your photos and add text descriptions to your snaps.

Here are some of the important features of Snapchat:

We have listed some amazing Snapchat hacks that can make a standout between your friends. Here are some amazing text drawing and editing Snapchat hacks so you can make the most of the popular photo-sharing app. Opt for the spectrum channel packages bundle up with spectrum mobile service to share your moments with the world.

Be a Painter

You can draw amazing pictures on Snapchat while turning on the zoom feature of your phone. All you have to do is go to settings then select the general tab click on the accessibility button. The accessibility button there is a vision section that enables you to zoom. You can also select a show controller to make pictures more maximized. Choose your zoom region as per your preference full stop can be a full screen or a window. Now set the maximum zoom level to 15 times. Draw with a stylus or special pen and impress people with your amazing piece of art. You can apply this method on iOS.

Three filters at a time

You can now add up to 3 filters on Snapchat on a single picture. You can add a sepia filter that shows your location and current temperature all simultaneously.

Follow the steps to know how exactly to do that. Click a picture as if you do with Snapchat. Swipe on your left to select a filter of your choice. Now hold on to the selected filter until you lock it. Now use your other hand to swipe through other filters. Now choose the second filter that left your finger up the screen for a second before tapping and holding it again in place. Now you have successfully locked the second filter. Start searching for the third filter you wish to opt for. If you are happy with the combinations of your filter, you can easily swipe right it to lock it in place. If not satisfied all you have to do is swipe in delete the filters.

Emoji into a colorful filter

This is one of the best hacks known by very few people. All you have to do is turn your emoji into a bright and colorful filter for your snap. You can easily do it by following simple steps. First, choose an emoji with your desired color. Now drag it to one corner of your screen. Start increasing the size of the emoji in the corner. It will become pixelated lucid edgy ready to serve as the filter. Just for the little fun, you can add multiple layers of color to your emoji.

Add info into the filters

Now you can add various information into your desired filter. You can add speed temperature, time, altitude, and other variations depending on the type of information you want to add. You can now take things a little higher with a speed filter or some other. In the temperature you can change Celsius into Fahrenheit you can tap it is your weather forecast with proper icons. All you have to do is that on the info filter of your choice to have excess two more options

Frame your snaps

Now you can frame your snap by using characters full stop for instance O will be e a replacement of the oval shape. A will give you a bold and bright triangular border. I will tell you how you can exactly do this hack to impress your friends. Once you have clicked your snap, create a letter caption with the largest size available. Drag it and zoom it up to the maximum extent. Now position it accordingly and frame it the way you want it.

Pin the emoji

Now you can pin your favorite emoji is on moving objects. A winking emoji or stuck-out emoji is more appealing full than a human face. You can easily do it by following simple steps. First record a video that focuses on a moving object. Once the video is front tap on your favorite emoji and selects it. Zoom out, resize it, and please it over the moving target. Hold it in place for a moment. Now Snapchat will automatically e load the video with the emoji you choose.

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