How to Get GTA V for Free on PC

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GTA V is now available free to download from Epic Games Store, you have heard it right the Grand Theft Auto V is now officially free to download for PC on the Epic Game Store until May 21, 2020. If you already have Epic Games Store account, then you can head over to EpicGames.comand search for Grand Theft Auto 5, or you can get GTA V for free and add it into your account. In case if you are wondering how to get GTA V for free on PC you’ll get all the details regarding the download options below.

Get GTA V for Free

As per the reports about GTA V availability on the epic game mystery game list were widespread since yesterday. GTA is not any ordinary gaming series for PC or any other gaming platform, and Grand Theft Auto V is the best of the best game available in the open-world map games. Moreover, GTA V was also the best-selling game on the PS 4 platform in April, even after years of its launch. And the game could also become the best selling games for PC this May.
In fact, on May 14, 2020, the Epic Games Website even crashed after a vast number of users when the reports confirmed that the mystery game on Epic Games is GTA 5 download free for PC.

GTA 5 Free Download for PC

If you have never used or visited Epic Games before, fret not!. All you need to do is head over the website. This game will be free until May 21, 2020.

Last night the website was down due to high traffic. And the site has now started working again.

Well, this error has been fixed as of now.

GTA 5 is no doubt the biggest gaming title the published has given away. As for the rumors that were circulating that Rockstar’s action & adventure game would be given away for free as a part of “Epic Games Store’s Promotion.

gta 5 free download for pc, get gta v for free, grand theft auto v, GTA V for free, How to get gta v for free
IMG credit: Twitter

However, the tweet has since been deleted. And, now the game is live for everyone to download for free.

How to Get GTA V for Free on PC

To download GTA V for free, you just need to signup on Epic Games Store, which is free. Once done that, the only requirement for getting GTA 5 for free is that you need to set up 2FA (Two-factor authentication) on your epic games store account.

Here’s a quick tutorial for you…

Sign up for EpicGames Store account here, and then click here to add it to your account here.

The free offer for the Grand Theft Auto V is said to be only available to download via the Epic Games Store Launcher app until May 21.

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