Facebook Locks People Out of Their Accounts for Not Activating Privacy Protect Feature

facebook protect feature
IMG Source: Facebook

Many People using Facebook received an email from the Meta, that read “Your account requires advanced security From Facebook Protect” in early March 2022. The email also shared a date until then users had to turn on the Facebook Protect Feature in order to continue using their Facebook account. Otherwise, they would lose access to their account.

Facebook Locks People Out for Not Activating Facebook Protect Feature

According to Meta (Facebook’s Parent Company), It is their security program for groups of people who are at risk of being targeted by malicious hackers, these people include – human rights activists/ defenders, government officials, journalists, and famous personalites. This security program ensures these users stay protected from hacking threats by using two-factor authentication (2FA).

As Facebook has already mentioned the deadline for activating this security feature was March 17, 2022. Now some of the users are reporting that they have been locked out of their Facebook account upon failing to activate Facebook Protect Feature (i.e; 2FA).

“Turn on Facebook Protect to unlock your account,” the notification says. “Account locked on March 17, 2022. We’ve taken this precaution to keep your account secure while you enable additional security measures.”

However, some of the users who have activated this feature still got locked out of their accounts. Moreover, users who have not requested this Protect feature were also locked out. And some of them are having trouble receiving security codes on their mobile.

Facebook Protect Feature is generally offered to only high-profile users like government officials, human rights activists, journalists, and individuals with higher reach. By December, around 1.5 million accounts had already activated Facebook Protect.

Facebook has yet to respond to this, which is unfortunate.

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