Now You Can Watch Avatar 2 on OTT Platform Online!

Avatar 2 Ott Release of The Way of Water OTT Date and Time

It has already been 20 days since Avatar 2 The Way of Water was released in theatres on 16th December 2022. However, the film producers have also planned to release the movie on the OTT platform as well. And with Avatar 2 OTT Release has also excited the long-awaited film for Jake Sully fans.

After all, watching movies in the theatre doesn’t appeal to everyone. Finally, the OTT release date for Avatar 2 has been confirmed.

After June 2023, it is scheduled to go live on Disney+ Hotstar. It will premiere at 10:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time, which is the same time as most Hollywood (IST) is released Online.

Having said that, let’s find out where we can watch the movie online.

Avatar 2 OTT Release Date & Time

With all those amazing dialogues, Jake Sully’s swagger in the Avatar 1 was a big success. Although, die-hard fans of James Cameron (Avatar director), have already watched the movie in theatres, however, some of them are eagerly waiting for the movie to release on the OTT platform.

As we already suspected about the release date of Avatar 2 on the OTT platform, it is going to release on Disney+ Hotstar. The 2nd part of the movie will not be following the footsteps of Avatar 1 as it was released on Amazon Prime.

As of now, you can already watch the movie in theatres. Also, read our latest article on KGF Chapter 2 OTT Release Date and Time on Amazon here!

Avatar 2 OTT Release Date
Name of the Film Avatar: The Way of Water
Theatrical Release Date 6th December 2022 (London) 16th December 2022 (Worldwide)
OTT Release Date Yet To Be Announced
OTT Platform Disney+ Hotstar (Expected)

Is “Avatar 2: The Way of Water” available on Disney+ Hotstar for free?

The short answer is No, as of now Disney+ Hotstar is offering 2 different subscription plans and you can register for the premium Disney+ Hotstar subscription at INR 1,499 per year and INR 299 per month. You can start watching the movie as soon as it releases on the platform.

Avatar 2: The Way of Water was supposed to be released in 2014. However, the release date was postponed due to the lack of technology to capture the underwater scenes.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a Disney+ Hotstar subscription yet, there’s good news you can make use of other offers from Flipkart to get the subscription using super coins for 1-year free access.

This concludes the article, which we hope was helpful to you. Is this the first time you’ve seen it in the theatre? Is this something you’d like to discuss? If so, feel free to do so in the comments area below.

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