“Apharan” Season 2 Release Date and Time – Where Can I Watch It Online?

apharan season 2 release -where to watch

It’s been four long years since Apharan Season 1 was released. The show became an instant hit and was loved by Indian fans. Since then, there has been little news about the show’s upcoming Aphran Season 2. However, that all changed a few days ago with the announcement of the expected release of Apharan season 2.

There is currently no clue on the number of episodes scheduled for this season. However, some sources even say this season is going to feature a total of 9 episodes, while other claims it will have 11 episodes. Since tv shows releasing on OTT spend their time establishing their stories, both of these possibilities make sense.

Wondering where to watch Apharan season 2 online? You are not alone in your thoughts; there are many others who are thinking about the same thing. Here, in the next section of our article, we’ll tell you how you can watch it online.

Where to Watch Apharan Season 2 Online?

Apharan Season 2 Release Date
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Apharan’s first season was streamed on MX Player and ALT Balaji. However, the producers have decided to change their streaming partner for this specific season. And the reasons are still not clear on why the creators decided to change the streaming platform. But this time you can watch it on Voot Select and also on ALT Balaji.

What can we expect from the second season of ‘Apharan’?

Rudra Shrivastav, a well-known cop, will be back on the job this season. His thoughts will be divided and tested, however, considering things at home aren’t going well. As Rudra tries to help his wife as she slips into a deep hole of drug addiction. Meanwhile, you can also have a look at the upcoming film, RRR Pre Release Event in Hyderabad here.

Can the cop keep everything together while investigating the bad guys? You’ll find out soon enough. Until then, do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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