Podcasters, please note: YouTube has big plans for you!

youtube has big plans for podcast creators

According to leaked presentation slides, it looks like Youtube has big plans for Podcast creators. YouTube is going to introduce a podcast section on its website and mobile app, especially for all the Podcasters.

The presentation with YouTube’s future plans for allowing podcasts content on its website and app was initially sent to Podnews. In that documentation, there are mockup images of how a dedicated podcast section might look and how it might work. From the images, one can easily recognize the YouTube layout, with thumbnails, timestamps, and different playlists in the photos.

According to the presentation, YouTube is exploring ideas to integrate podcast RSS feeds into this dedicated section. If this is what youtube is looking for that means, now users can directly add the existing RSS feeds of their Podcast to their YouTube channel homepages.

YouTube has big plans for Podcast Creators, but no one knows when

Whereas many content creators now post podcasts to YouTube in video format, however, the site does not have a dedicated podcast area.

There’s no word on when YouTube’s podcast integration will be available, but another slide suggests that “partner-sold audio ads” will be available in 2022. This could necessarily mean that a broader podcast platform will be available before the end of the year.

However, we don’t know if a YouTube Premium subscription will remove ads from these podcasts.

However, we’re a little surprised that YouTube hasn’t hopped on the podcast train earlier, despite the fact that the company may have felt there was little need to do so in the past.

A dedicated podcast platform, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense. As a result, YouTube will become an all-in-one destination for non-stop entertainment in the future.

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