TouchTasks Apps brings touch control on Your Windows 10 Touchscreen PC

Touchtasks for windows 10 touchscreen


Do you own a touch-screen Windows 10 PC? If you do, you shouldn’t miss out on the TouchTasks, a productivity application that allows you to assign actions that get triggered when you touch the specific points on the edges of your PC’s screen using TouchTasks productive windows 10 touch pc.

You can assign actions to five edges of your touch screen. The company has already chosen sides to trigger all those actions so that “they won’t interfere with other applications” on your screen using TouchTasks productive windows 10 touch pc feature.

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By default, the left middle-edge will show a dock where you can add the apps you use the most. The right middle-side of the screen allows you to easily switch between apps while the top-right is designated to control the brightness of your Windows 10 PC. The top-left displays the on-screen keyboard of your 10. As I mentioned earlier, you can set the desired action you want for all of these edges on your PC’s screen.

The application has a built-in Tutorial session so that you can practice touching the screen to trigger the action. You’ll find this helpful for figuring out the exact locations.

It is worth noting that TouchTasks supports both portrait and landscape modes. The app behaves according to the orientation of the device. You can also configure a task display panel to track the progress and access them faster.

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TouchTasks Productive Windows 10 Touch PC Pricing

TouchTasks is not free and is priced at Rs.881. However, you can currently purchase this app at an introductory price of Rs.440. This company also provides a 30-day trial version to check if TouchTasks improves your workflow.

Check out the app from the link below and let us know your experience in the comments.

Download TouchTasks

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