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New Android Alert: Uninstall these 15 Malicious Apps

New Android Alert: Uninstall

New Android Alert: Uninstall, despite the several steps taken by Google to keep PlayStore clean. At least 15 of the apps have been freshly identified as malicious and harmful for your device. The following list has come out through a team in the who are in British cybersecurity firm Sophos. The firm has also informed Google, and the apps have been taken down from the PlayStore. However, if you had downloaded or installed any of these by mistake, have them uninstalled from your device as soon as possible.

However, these 15 apps appear to be photo-editing apps with names like ‘image editor,’ ‘background cutout,’ etc. Some offer the apps even provide the scanning function on the mobile. Check on your mobile if any of these rogue apps are present and uninstall all of them. The exciting part about these 15 apps has appeared in the mid-month of January and July of 2019. These apps have already been downloaded on millions of smartphones. Google must check this out since it was supposed to have put in place several checks to ensure apps are now allowed to be included in the Play Store unless they pass the security checks.

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New Android Alert: Uninstall These 15 apps immediately: Auto Cut Out Pro, Image Magic, Generate Elves, Savexpense, QR Artifact, Find your Phone, Scavenger Speed, Read QR Code, Flash on Calls & Msg, Photo Background, ImageProcessing, Background Cut Out, Background Cut Out (developed by Baltimore), Auto Cut Out and Auto Cut Out 2019.


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