How To Mute Someone On Facebook?

How to Mute Someone on Facebook

Of course, we all use our social media on a large basis, but sometimes everyone needs a break from the non-stop hassle. But how do we get it? Well, worry not dear fellas! In this article, you will learn how to mute someone on Facebook instantly. Many famous social apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more provide their users with many advanced features, and muting people on your feed is one of them.

Using Facebook is fun and informative, but sometimes there are people who keep sharing content that is near to no use and it is very annoying. So to escape such unnecessary rubbish you can just simply mute someone on Facebook or your page if you feel like they are disturbing you without them acknowledging it.

How To Mute Someone on Facebook?

Muting unwanted and overshared content on your Facebook is a piece of cake…!

  • Open your Facebook account and scroll down through your news feed until you find a post from another user that you want to mute.
  • Then click on the menu [three horizontal dots] at the top-right corner of the post.
  • If you are planning on temporarily muting the person or a page, tap the Snooze option, and for the next 30 days, you will not be bothered by the page or person you have chosen to mute. After 30 days, Facebook will automatically unmute the page or person you have snoozed.
  • But if you are planning on permanently getting rid of them, you are to be clicked on the unfollow option.

The person of your choice will not be notified that you have muted them so you don’t have to worry about offending them or causing drama.

How to Mute Annoying Friends on Android & iOS?

The easy and straightforward steps for muting friends on Android & iOS are:

  • Open and log in to your Facebook account on your iPhone.
  • Tap in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now, Tap on Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  • Under the Preferences tab, Tap on News Feed > Unfollow.
  • Finally, tap on all the friends or pages you wish to unfollow and click on Done.

Once done, Refresh your news feed and you should no longer see all the annoying posts from people and pages.

How can I tell if I muted someone on Facebook?

With the recent updates on Facebook, now you can easily find out whether someone has muted you on Facebook. To do so, Launch the App and set up a new “Home” column for every person you have a doubt on. This setting is very useful in tracking someone if they have muted you on Facebook.

What Happens When You Mute Someone On Facebook Messenger?

Whenever you mute someone on Facebook whether it is personal or professional, The Facebook company makes sure they won’t be notified whether if you have received their new messages or not. You may still receive the message from the muted person on Facebook but you won’t be getting any notifications for the same.

What Happens When You Mute Someone On Facebook Group?

When you mute someone on Facebook group, the user/ member is likely to view all your content, but they will be barred from engaging with the group’s posts and won’t be allowed to post their own.

How long can you mute someone on Facebook?

Facebook usually gives two options: You can temporarily mute or snooze someone’s profile/ posts/ page for 30 days, or you can permanently unfollow them to mute them forever. Fret not, both the options are completely reversible.

Can Someone Tell If You Snoozed Them On Facebook?

No, Facebook doesn’t notify other users when you snooze them. Moreover, you will still be friends with them but won’t be seeing their annoying posts on your profile. This also goes the same for the pages and groups on Facebook.

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