How to Get Gmail Dark Mode

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Now, you can enjoy comfortable reading at night with a darker Gmail Dark Mode Android 9 option. In this article, I’ll tell you how to change Gmail background color.

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Gmail Dark Mode

Gmail dark mode desktop can make a massive difference between your day to day work experience using the email app. Moreover, it is also available to try now for mobile and Gmail desktop client.

Now the Gmail desktop site looks and feels darker, and the Gmail background interface looks more mysterious and clean by using Gmail dark theme. The new Gmail dark themes on Google’s email app and Gmail desktop site looks refreshing from Google’s old while design. It also reduces glare when checking your emails at night, making it more reading friendly at night and more comfortable to the eyes.

This new Gmail Dark Mode inbox theme could help save a little extra battery power if your phone has an AMOLED display.

Google’s new Gmail dark theme is straightforward to activate when compared to WhatsApp Web Dark Mode and Facebook’s Twitter-like dark mode. Here’s how easily you can switch between the Gmail icon black and white interface.

Get Gmail Dark Mode for Gmail Desktop Site

To activate night mode for Gmail Desktop Site, login to your Gmail account and click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the top right side below your profile picture. Here, select ‘Themes’, and then scroll down the pictures themes section and click on the black thumbnail (labeled as ‘Dark’).

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This option will turn the Gmail desktop client into a plain dark background, which is very useful for AMOLED screen devices. As the black or dark pixels are simply turned off, hence helps in saving battery power. However, when you switch Gmail interface to the dark mode, you might find very harsh text as the contrast will be high.

If that’s the case with you can either upload a dark image of your own or simply select any other dark background as a theme.

Gmail Dark Mode for Android

First of all, make sure your smartphone has the latest version of the Gmail app installed. If you already have Android’s 1- system-wide dark mode enabled, the app should automatically switch to dark mode.

Alternatively, you can manually activate by going into the email app and then by tapping menu icon on the top left (Menu > Settings > General Settings). Here, you can select the light, dark (night), or system default mode.

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Sadly, if you are using Android Pie or earlier OS, you won’t be able to activate dark mode on Gmail app. In that case, how to make Gmail dark mode web you can use it by visiting in any web browser, with dark mode activated. You can customize Gmail background from within browsers but won’t be available on the Gmail app in older OS.

Gmail app for iPhone

Gmail dark mode for iPhone has taken way longer than usual to arrive on iOS platforms. And the option to activate ios Gmail dark mode on Gmail app may not be available until Apple enables it on the server-side.

When the dark mode on iPhone Gmail app arrives, it will be activated automatically, if your phone has system-wide dark mode enabled. In meanwhile, you can go to the Gmail app’s hamburger menu and then follow the settings to check if the dark mode is available for you. If it’s not available, then you might have to wait a little longer.

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