How to Quickly Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web

enable whatsapp web dark mode
  • You can now quickly and easily Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web.
  • Follow the steps to enable dark theme on WhatsApp Web quickly.

Most of us love the dark theme mode instead of the light theme. And, WhatsApp introduced much-awaited dark mode on its mobile platform this year. WhatsApp is reportedly working on dark theme WhatsApp desktop mode for the past couple of months though it is yet to be announced and roll-out for its dark web WhatsApp version.

Although there’s a quick workaround for enabling the WhatsApp web dark mode reported by WABetaInfo earlier this week. So, to access the Whatsapp web dark mode, all you need to do is follow the steps below:-

There are two methods/ ways through which you can enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web.

Method 1: Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web via Inspect Element

1. Go to in any browser window and scan the ‘QR code.’

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2. Once done that, now Right-click anywhere outside the WhatsApp messaging window and select Inspect Element option.

whatsapp web dark mode, dark theme whatsapp web

3. Here, look for this string <body class=”web”>. This is the string where you will need to make a few changes to get the dark web WhatsApp theme.

enable whatsapp web dark mode

4. Now, to begin editing the code, just double click on “web” to proceed. Change “web” to “web dark”, and hit enter, and you’ll notice the light theme magically turns into the dark theme for WhatsApp web.

enable whatsapp web dark mode

The above method for the dark theme is not a pure AMOLED black dark theme, whereas it’s the same dark green and grey theme that we find on mobile devices.

enable whatsapp web dark mode, enable dark mode

Note:- This method will only enable dark mode temporarily until you refresh the browser window. You need to follow the above steps once again to enable it.

Here’s a quick video tutorial

Method 2: Enable WhatsApp Web Dark Mode via Extension

There are a few requirements to enable Whatsapp’s dark mode with this method.

  • You’ll need a browser on the latest version (Either Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • Stylus Chrome extension.

Steps to enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode

1. If you are using Google Chrome, you’ll have to open this website to install a stylus chrome plugin that allows applying custom themes to specific sites and yeah browser too. If you Mozilla Firefox install this addon.

2. When the extension/ addon is installed, then we need to install a theme from this link, whichever suits you the best for WhatsApp Web.

3. Finally, Tap the Install Style button, then reload the WhatsApp Web page to see the new WhatsApp Web Dark Mode.

how to enable whatsapp web dark mode
Image Credit: WABetaInfo

Note: We cease any responsibility and liability if the Stylus extension causes any damage. You are and will always be responsible for any case about what you install on your pc.

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