Duet Display Tweaks Your Phone into a Second Screen

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Having a second screen can remarkably boost your productivity in multiple ways. You get better at multitasking experience and better control over all those applications you’re using at the moment. Sometimes you might be running low on a budget for that high end curved monitor you desire. You might have limited space on your table for occupying a dedicated secondary monitor. At these circumstances, you can use your existing devices as a second screen by using an app named Duet Display achieves.

This app was initially launched exclusively for iOS devices back in 2014, and the company has recently expanded it’s support for Android devices as well. Now, you can turn any device like iPhone (iOS 10+), iPad, Android phones, and tablets running Android 7.1 Nougat and above to a second screen for your Mac or PC.

Duet Display was developed by a team of Ex-Apple engineers, who can turn your iOS or Android device into a high-performance second display for your Mac & PC. The company also claims to offer 256-bit encryption, monthly updates, and guess what with Zero lag. This app won’t consume much CPU power so that your battery backup won’t get compromised.

To get started with Duet Display, download the app on your iPhone or Android phone. Download a companion app on your PC or Mac to help both the devices can interact with one another easily. In case if you’re wondering if the software supports wired mode or not, the answer is ‘yes.’ It supports both wired and wireless methods.

The app is not available for free and costs Rs. 799 on Apple Store and Rs. 1650 on Google Play Store.

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Download Duet Display: Windows | macOS | Android | iOS

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