9 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS in 2021

Online games have appeared to be one of the most favourite pastimes for gamers in these times of lockdown and social distancing. While some are shooting games with completely new concepts, a few are meant to refresh the older times. One game that almost everyone has enjoyed in childhood is Ludo. Isn’t it? Remember, how all the siblings and cousins gathered to enjoy this board game.

Today, though you or your children cannot meet your respective Ludo partners, the online version of the game lets you play the game with those you want.

Playing Ludo is full of entertainment and the best part is it lets you remember everything about your old times. In this era of social distancing, when you are not allowed to meet your loved one, online Ludo gives you a chance to interact with your family or friends and relive those childhood moments once again without feeling the distance in between. You may play in teams or as a separate entity to earn more and more points.

What makes these games the best is their availability and compatibility with devices like Android and iOS, which makes them easy to play irrespective of the time and location of the players. Whenever you all are ready to play, you can share the online generated code with the rest of them to join the same room. Once they are all in, you can start the game even on the go.

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With ludo becoming one of the top 5 games to play during the lockdown, according to Asianet Newsable, it is important to take a look at how this game is played.

How to Play Ludo Online?

You do not need any special training to play online ludo. The players need to play it the way they did while enjoying the traditional version. The players need to register with the website offering the game. Once they register, they can go through the guidelines provided to proceed with the game. However, one thing that they need to focus on is how to add multiple players to the room they are in.

As soon as you select the multiplayer mode, you will be free to share an online code generated to be shared with the other players. As soon as the other players put that code, they get to enter the room. Once all of them join, you can start the game.

The game of Ludo is all about starting with the pieces and reaching the finishing line. The player who completes the circle from the starting to the finishing line successfully without hurdles is the winner. The players select their coloured houses and make sure each house has four tokens or pieces. They will turn the dice one by one and move the tokens from the starting point as per the number obtained on the dice. This way, all the players have to keep moving the pieces until all four tokens of the players reach the finishing line. The player whose four tokens reach the finish line first is declared the winner.

6 Best Ludo Games for Android and iOS

Today, many Ludo games are available online. However, the most popular and best amongst them have been listed below:

MPL Ludo

One of the most popular platforms offering this virtual board game is MPL. So, if you have ever imagined playing the game with your four best friends living far off from you, now is the time. You can have them on board to play the game with you. The platform offers complete guidelines on how to proceed. Thus, to play online ludo game and win the same, go through the instructions and begin.

Ludo Supreme

Download this Ludo game for iOS. Surprised? Well, the game is available for both Android as well as iOS users. With superb technical backing, this game ensures you never guess the dice numbers right. The numbers are unpredictable and that’s what makes the game even more interesting. The moves are operated by the system itself. Hence, if you think you can cheat and win, you have no chance here.

Ludo Comfun

For the players who are fond of having a bit of a thrilling interface, this ludo game is for you. The 3D graphics make the game one of the best for many. The smooth movement makes it refreshing. As a result, players not only turn the dice and focus on numbers but also enjoy the graphic-driven movements of the pieces and elements around.

Also, know how you can play Google Chrome T-Rex Runner game in 3D here!

Ludo All Star

If you are thinking about what to do in your free time, Ludo All Star is for you. You can include two to four players to play the game. This online multiplayer version is perfect for you all with bots to handle your moves. Even in the offline mode, you will have bots active to take care of the moves you want. This game gives you a chance to earn coins for each win, which you can use at later stages. Ask your friends to download it and connect virtually while interacting live.

Ludo 3D Multiplayer

As the name suggests, this multiplayer game is available in a 3D version. The graphics are awesome. Along with allowing four of you to join the same room, this game also offers the best ludo gaming experience. If you have no one to play with, you can begin the game with the computer players, who are random individuals out there looking for ludo partners.

Ludo Championship

What makes this game of Ludo unique is the availability of it in three kinds of boards. You can choose the one that you feel like being in. One of them is the battle mode wherein you get a chance to earn gold coins. In case you don’t have an active Internet connection, this is the game you should play as it would not require strong connectivity. The game offers support for 16 languages and hence, people who are not comfortable with English might choose the language they are comfortable in to start with.

Download the one that you think will serve your purpose of entertainment and togetherness. Register and start playing today!!!

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